Tell Me What You Think

hey guys, long time no see ;)

2 new previews to submit this audience, just tell me what ye think ! will ya ?


short previews, around 1min or so, but you’ll get the idea :w00t:

btw anyone know about some good software vocoders ? vsti or not

Well, Sun… to me it sounds like you’ve got a talent for intros! :D
Not that there is anything wrong with the main body… just… sounds like the only suggestion I can give you is: don’t be lazy :lol: because the main body sounds “just” right… and not as challenging as the intros.
Take amoeba… the whole intro is some SERIOUS/MAJOR noise/electro action! I simply :wub: LOVE that. About the body? The song opens up with notes and melody shaping… well… a fairly good structure but it turns immediately back to something “known” and “friendly”… expecially when you match it to the wicked intro.

your absolutely right, i was myself thinking of some big change for the main stuff, it’s just too “classic”, i should so something like dark electro with those sounds, well something like that ;)

Agree to all above! Amoeba would be AWESOME as a dark electropiece, kind of music I’d buy instantly if I heard in a record store. Heh, done that a couple of times… :P

Unknown.mp3 had an awesome organ-part in the middle, but it was kinda let down by the beat going old 4/4 on me there, try varying with other elements in stead… Oh, and for vocal I’m thinking more in the lines of Apoptygma Berzerk! At least for this track. That’s just IMHO. :rolleyes:

i made some heavy changes to Amoeba, and it’s so much better now :), thanks for the idea ;)

you can check it out at the same url if you like :


Well done, Sun! :)
The track sounds SO much better! :D

Personally I would “fracture” those strings… a lot.
The “fragmented” feeling you have in the intro… IMHO it goes lost when the strings are coming in creating a back-carpet.
That vanishes a STRONG rhythmic feeling that I would indeed HANG TO with all my claws, if I were in you ;)

Good work. Just when I expected it to become typical trance/techno with the lame gaynightclub dance rhythm, it did something completely different. It’s pretty cool. I would have to agree with Bantai that they could use some vocals on them.

With the risk of sounding rude or pushy, if you want someone to add vocals and you like the tamber of my voice, let me know–those songs would be fun to work with. :)

SUN! Those are two the best pieces of electronic music I heard in a long time!

The Amoeba piece would suite a demo really superb.

The second piece…WOW!

I LOVE them, would buy your record any time!

Your music reminds me a litle of Lizardking and Skaven!

I can’t get enough I want more :)

hehe thx guys :w00t:

first Kizzume, i thought a female vocoded voice would be more appropriate :), but i dunno, u can try something on it and show me what voice work you would do on it.

for the others you might wanna check the tunes again see if you like the way they evolve, i’m now around 3min for both, after all it’s better to have insight on a work in progress than on a final piece ;)

Amoeba (mp3)
Unknown (mp3)

and thx a lot for the support :D

ps: there is a little missing note (the first one) bug at the beginning of unknown, so dont pay too much attention on that ;)

I would have to agree with you on the female vocals. That would sound GREAT.