Templates/ Enhanced Presets

it would add a new “templates” branch in the dsp effect choose-box, maybe between meta devices and vst effects (or whatever).

a template would contain: the patchbank of the used VSTi , the number of the current used preset, and the whole fx chain of the channel.
(yes i know you can already save a fx chain but this way it would be much cooler)

renoise users also could share their templates (as long as they use freeware plugs), you could even add a templates section to the site… probably this would attend even more people to renoise, since no other host exept buzz has this feature, although it’s a quite useful thing… or not?


yeh, it’s nice one… also i still wait for auto-load “new.rns” on renoise’s start…

??? Maybe I misunderstood, but this feature already is in Renoise… the song is called default.rns or defaultsong.rns or something like that…

yes it already exists:
save a song with name defaultsong.rns and see…

it’s a feature which deserves more fame

heh, i checked it some time ago with “default.rns” and it didn’t work… now i got the top secret - proper name :)

Some time ago I suggested a button to save as default song in the config section… this would open the eyes for everyone that this feature exists :)

Make me wonder why DSP chains have to be loaded from DiskOp or whatever is that called in Renoise, and not from where the effects otherwise are?

Not that I support this - I want to keep instruments and track DSP separate. Instrument specific effects would be for that purpose, but it’s a whole another thread.