Tempo Adopts To The Sample

This is a bit related to another topic I wrote.

I used sync to make the melodic (non drum) loops fit in the pattern and found out that this can be bad sometimes.
Because the melodic sounds often get shifted by cents and then if you have a VSTi synth (eg, for a bassline) that’s not shifted by the same amount of cents the two (sample and VSTi) become ‘detuned’ - I hope I used the right word, but you know what I mean.
So the best is to pitch the sample to an exact semitone without cents.
(Also for not having to shift all the other samples by the same amount of cents.)

Now, the suggestion: have the tempo (BPM) in Renoise adopt to the looped sample and not vice versa. (As one of the options, of course.)
You input a note of a sample instrument in the track, with the desired pitch (the first/higest note dictates the tempo). Go to inst. properties, set sync the tempo and the tempo will be of a value that will loop the sample most accurately possible.

Problem: the tempo cannot be set precisely enough.

1st solution: have decimal values for tempo. Like, two digits after the comma: 110,52 BPM for example.
2nd solution: timestretching the sample to match the pattern length.
(((timestrething should, btw, also work so that you could stretch the sample to the length of a selection)))

This is a minor request, tho.
It’s also not difficult to set the tempo manually, by ear.

So a nice, maybe even better, solution would be just to implemet time stretching, so that you could have a round numbered BPM and then just stretch the sample slightly, so no ‘damage’ could be heard.

That, and/or having the possibility of entering a more precise BPM value.