Tempo Compressing / Expanding

just messing around in renoise with something, and thinking this might be nice. sorry if it’s actually already in the program, i checked around the manuals and tutorials and turned up nothing. anyway, i don’t really know what to call it, but i took screenshots.


the first picture is 6 speed with the main chords being played every 16 notes.
the second picture is 3 speed with the main chords being played every 32, so it is still going the same speed, but there is just more room inbetween.

would it be possible for a function to like, compress x2, or expand x2 the patterns, to fit faster speeds, but still go the same tempo without having to sit there and insert and delete notes for a while?

You’re in luck because such functions do in fact exist, specifically the Expand and Shrink functions found in the Advanced Edit panel.


Under “Select Section & Content Mask” set it to Pattern, then hit Expand or Shrink.

Don’t forget to resize the pattern length before you expand a track. (left top in your screenshot)

ahh, sorry guys. =[
thanks a lot though.