Tempo Tap Control

missing so much tempo tap function.
just for explanation what is “tempo tap”…
if you click such “button” the interval between your clicks is used to set song BPM.
And also tempo up and tempo down function would be nice.
It is absolutelly unecessary to create any visual control for this (eg. button). Key assignment or CC is enough.

why this?
this function is usefull for live playing and for DJ’s.
While live player can setup tempo by tap some HW button (Midi Cc or some HID device) by foot, dj can do same on normal keyboard to synchronize playing mp3 on input song with renoise song or can combine sampled songs with renoise rythms and correct tempo differences

btw, if anybody is interested or has similar problem, I did program (unfortunatelly in VB6…) that can send midi sysex “tempo” and can setup tempo by tap. Program changes keyboard clicks into midi messages.
The only problem is to find unused keys in rns that wouldnt overlap with it :wink:


Fortunately my DJ mixer has auto tempo and tap tempo displays which are (almost) precise. So I can tune in the right tempo by looking the display. But it would be easier to tap directly into renoise.


I always have to use another software to that…

+1 this would work well with the new pattern live edit/cue functions at gigs.

+1 definitely. So many times I have a melody in my head but can’t figure out the right tempo.

I wrote this a while back which I actually use from time to time:


+1 should be there

+1 for tempo fap

yeah +1

Very good!!
it could be perfect if automatic copy the tempo to clipboard, :)

bump, i want. (:


A button to increase/decrease the tempo in small increments (0.1bpm enough?) would be a great addition for me for working in with DJ sets and trying to get a live set going between a laptop and hardware so can’t use MIDI Clock as would freeze up/drift while the other is loading next song.