Hello everyone…

I just finished my new song Temptation in Renoise 1.9.I hope youll like it…i used vocals from some Kate :) ,and try to give some unusual feeling to percussion and drums.Well please if you will listen to it,give me some thoughts.



nice track.

beautiful pads (nice chord changes, too) at the beginning with excellent stereo imaging.

for me, I’ve never been a big fan of vocals (male or female) on tracks such as this or many other electronic styles. but that’s just me, the vocalist does a fine job and has a good voice.

do you also have a mix with no vocals and perhaps a little faster bpm?

did you use any (or many) plug-ins on this track? if so, which ones?

what about your rig? linux? win? os x? soundcard? external synths?
(sorry, i’m just curious being new to Renoise and tracker programs in general.)

I’m not sure if version 2.0 has many changes that you would find more advantageous over 1.9 just wondering why you didn’t use 2.0 - my first real experience with Renoise is with 2.0 so i’m not sure of the differences that much.

again, nice track. thanks for posting it.

In first place,thank you very much for your thoughts.I apreciate it.

Unlike you im big fan of vocals if they fit to the song,maybe im bit romanic or something but they gives me something like goosebumps sometimes.Like a good melody.There is no problem to make dub version with no vocals and faster flow.I have instaled many external VST plugins in my PC and if i can recommend some they will be Vanguard (you can find many sound banks for it,my favorite is Silicon Frontiers),Predator,Rez,or Albino and Blue…I have old Pentium 4 Prescott,Win XP and just onboard sound card and…there is so low processing power that i cant listen my songs in one piece,but only partialy if i want to listen it live.But i can render it in full quality without problem…it takes time thought.

And to be honest i dont think there is any revolutionary improvement in Renoise 2.0 over my 1.9.1,so i stick with my old for now…but if there is,please proove me worng.

Thank you very much for posting your comments again.


seriously, you don’t want to upgrade to 2.0?
it rocks. that’s proof enough.

It’s a nice song, but, while I don’t have a problem with vocals in general, I think there’s just something missing here with the vocals, can’t put my finger on it, but I like the music.

Good solid track, and I also like the girls voice. Usually don’t like vocaltrance but this time i’m eady to make an exception :wink:

Yeah…i understand bout vocals guys…but you must consider that the vocals were not made for this song…t is hard to fit them in to track and i try to do it best i could.Alt least BPM matches…:)But to be honest i think that i could be much better…ill try to fix this in next track.