"terminate, Repopulate"

So, I don’t think I ever posted any of my songs to this forum, mainly because I noticed you have to be very very good to get any comment.

Nevertheless, I have just finished an Electro-Ambient 100bpm track which is musically influenced by Deep Dive Corp.
The theme and mood are influenced by post-apocalyptic movies (my favorite) like Mad Max trilogy, Terminator and the 2008 Doomsday.

Terminate, Repopulate (Direct 192kbps MP3 Link)

or listen online (lower quality) on Trax in Space

I have tried to incorporate some of the mastering tips I got here on this board, so I hope it sounds better than my previous work in this reqard. (Foo? - thanks, I have a song average of -14db RMS…)

I think it sounds really cool. It’s very well balanced… a very pleasant music to listen to while surfing the web. I can imagine it also as a background music for a videogame.


:) thanks.