Test My Kung Fu

Another track with choppy chops and effects and such. Thanks for the listens.

Edit November 2016: Haven’t made electronic music in a while, I deleted this Soundcloud.

This is well-produced and cool, albeit perhaps a bit limited for a whole track. The slidey, jerky, stuttery stuff is nice, but might work better as occasional elements in a different type of tune. That, however, is a matter of personal taste. Being what it is, this track works well and it doesn’t go on for too long, and it got my head nodding. The only thing I’m missing is more bass.

Yep, I gotta few more tracks to finish up in this style, but the next batch I get to work on from scratch I’m going to try incorporating more instruments (bass, etc) on top of the chopped up samples, it’s a critique I’ve heard before. Thanks for your input!

I’m thinking a nice, fat boomy sub kick at key moments would work well for this track.