Tested: Intel Mac Version Of Renoise

Just wanted to let you know I tried Renoise on my new MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Intel machine last night - works great!

I tried a little test too:

  1. Started Renoise up on my 3.0GHz PC desktop and MacBook
  2. In sync, started various songs and monitored CPU perf.
  3. Both machines were almost identical in CPU usage :D

Good job!



I know it’s sweet huh? :yeah: I just can’t wait till they release a full version that I can render with. I too had compared cpu levels and I found them to be identical as well. Kudos!

good news! thanks for testing :)


that MacBook Pro 2.16GHz is duo-core, right? Shouldn’t it be much more faster then a 3.0 gHz pc?

Well you have to figure that renoise isn’t taking advantages of both cores, so really he’s testing one core from his mac against his pc’s proc. I think a 2 ghz core from the core duo matching a 3 ghz (assuming P4) sounds about right. I tested my 1.83 ghz macbook pro against my 2 ghz dualcore opteron desktop- the opty had it just slightly beat by like one or two perent, but they generaly fluctuated at the same pace and had the same results- that’s some gangster shit comming from a laptop.

I would just post in the bug section if there is any problems as well as shoot an email over to renoise support.