Text Entry / Edit Of Notes In Pattern Editor

OK - As I delve deeper into Renoise, I have encountered something that I have been furiously trying to do but have been unable to make it happen.

When I am in the pattern editor and edit mode is enabled, and I hit the z key on my keyboard, it places an entry in the note column to the effect of C-400. This is very well-documented and is expected behavior. However, what I have been unable to do is to use a text entry method to edit or enter items in the note column. In other words I want to type C - 4 0 0 on my keyboard and have it appear as such in the note column. My efforts thus far have left me with the impression that this is not currently possible. So I will ask the question.

Is it possible to enter data in note column using a “text entry” style of editing?

If so, how do I accomplish that?

I am able to do this on the VOL PAN DLY and COMMAND columns.

Thank you in advance for your help.

to my knowledge this is not possible. i read about this before and remember someone expanding on it, but not sure where. i searched for that thread but without luck. (i think it was somewhere in a partially related thread, as a sideways conversation)

i am curious though: why would you need to do that? i understand that you don’t always know which keyboard-button is which note, so you want to type the note-name in, but experience comes with time and you’ll remember soon enough, and as an added bonus you’ll learn a bit of the keyboard/piano layout.

edit: it is indeed possible to do this on the effects column (including vol/dly/pan), but that is because there is no dedicated keyboard button for an effect, as there is for each note. it is, if you did not know, also possible to manually type in the instrument number.

I don’t think thats possible in Renoise, but of course I may be wrong. I have used some trackers where you could just manually type in the octave number after a note instead of using the scroll box thing…I wish Renoise allowed that.

whaddayamean by ‘scroll box thing’? to change octave on the keyboard you can just use the / and * keyboard shortcuts, no?

Yea you can sure…but in some trackers you can use the pattern editor cursor to select the Octave number “4” on a note (c-4) and just hit a number, say 5 or 6 to switch the octave to that number. It’s quicker and a bit easier in my opinion because you can quickly move up/down more than one octave at a time, I don’t need to re-enter the note in the pattern to change the octave…and I don’t have to remember any shortcut.

alt + f11/f12 does the same function I’m describing…I’d just prefer to enter it manually like I said above.

I am “used” to working Reaper, and it has extensive text editing capabilities. For better or worse, this is how I am used to working. My day job is programming (automation), so that probably has something to do with it.

That being said, I am not going to get in a twist about not being able to edit that way. If it is not possible, it is not possible. As you pointed out, experience will work wonders.

Changing gears slightly.

I am having some difficulty getting the * & / keys on my laptop to change octave. What I am trying to do is select the note I want to change in the pattern matrix, press the / or * key, but nothing happens.

Now, my laptop does not have a dedicated 10-key, but it does allow me to press and hold the FN key to make other keys function like a 10-key. This method allows me to simulate a 10 key for entering data in Excel.

try alt + f11/f12

Natively within Renoise this is not possible, but if you want, you can write a Lua script option to insert a note the way you want it through a dialog. This also comes with the possibility to make the option shortcut assignable and enter your direct desired input in the designed dialog, for now this is the only way to be able to change every aspect using text-input.

as you said: it’s no biggie but i think that you are not alone in wanting to be able to disable the “piano keyboard” behavior.

the current note entry makes little sense for those of us who are not hardcore trackers or keyboard players. i know what pitch i want but then i have to search for it on the keyboard which is a bit awkward for me. now, i do have a midi controller with a alternative layout and also a midi pickup on my guitar so it’s quite alright but whenever i go track on my laptop then it’s not as convenient.

i guess a “what you type is what you get” would only be interesting when there’s no pattern following switched on.

i didn’t know that.

nah the * and / will not change the octave on an already entered note. i think alt +f11/f12 does that. * and / will change your octave so the note you type in is a different octave. you can go to the key editor tab and press ‘Z’, then *, then ‘Z’ again, then /, then ‘Z’ again, to see what i mean on the virtual keyboard. (if it wasn’t clear already)

This tool does what you want:
It might have some culprits, but you can expand or dimminish the code as you please.
The only modifier shortcut still free regarding the enter key was with shift+alt, this seems to work.

As soon as you have filled in the full notevalue, it is being instantly applied. If the notevalue is incorrect, it will be autoadjusted.

Ah, well that explains it now doesn’t it. :D

Thank you for this, I will have a go with it as soon as I get a chance.

As I have stated before, my goal is to appreciate ReNoise for what it is and eventually become proficient in using it. I do not change it into something different. Over on the Reaper forum there is this collective of ProTools refuges that whine about Reaper not being more like ProTools. They really get on my nerves.

Why would you want to take something you moved to and turn it into the very thing you moved from? Makes no sense.