Thank You!

Thank you so much for making such a great program available :D ! I am a former MED Soundstudio user in which I’ve waited 5 years for their v2 release to no avail. A user in the MED message board posted a message about Renoise. I would never have checked into this program if it had not been for this user. I want to thank this person from the bottom of my heart: As cheesey as it sounds, I really mean it! Thank you! Renoise has everything I’ve ever wanted in a music editing program! :D The company actually has a staff! The latancy is next to nothing, the midi functions actually fully work, when I hit a key to hear a note it is heard instantly! :) I basically couldn’t ask for a better program.

The learning curve is a little rough, but I JUST started using Renoise, and if I hadn’t already gotten SO used to using MED, it would probably be a piece of cake.

Thank you so much! :D

Congrats to your new discovery :)
I can only refer to the comments I gave in this thread:…t=ST&f=3&t=2493

btw, it may have been me who wrote about Renoise in the MED forum ;) But maybe somebody after me have brought this discussion up to light, the only sad thing (or maybe good thing) is that you risk to get banned from the MED-forum if you even mention Renoise… ;) Since Teijo Kinnunen left the MED-team it has only contained of a bunch of blindfolded zeroes that still think MED is the leading tracker of the market… MED is dead and it is only to accept…

If it was you, thank you so much for taking that chance. :)

I got banned there because of my reply to it shortly afterwards. Besides putting at the end of the reply, I also mentioned how I disagreed with the tactics that the owner of RBF used when he threatened all the MED users he had the email addresses of to promote MED on a music website or he wouldn’t release v1.5.

I just found out today that the owner of RBF is disabled and uses MED as occupational therapy, and the programmer, a couple months ago, maybe even many more months, could be even a year (since the owner doesn’t like to give ANY details), quit working on the project. It doesn’t mean MED is through permanently, but if the owner insists that only the same programmer can work on it it does.

He believes so strongly against making it open source that he says when asked about going open source, “after all the (bleep) I have taken these last few years it [the sourcecode] will go to the bloody grave with me.” And I wonder, what has he gone through, and what has the programmer gone through, and how can he have the “It’s mine! All mine!” stance he does when he didn’t even program it–especially since most of it isn’t even coded by the RBF programmer, it’s ported Amiga code by Keijo? He’s not a man of many details. I was only able to get THESE details from him after I told him I had considered filing a false advertising lawsuit against his company. Otherwise, all he could say, literally, was “an announcement is coming soon” over and over again for the past few months.

If anyone could save it, it would be Keijo, but how likely is that to happen? One never knows, maybe Keijo took back ownership of his code. If so, good for Keijo. :)

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to working more with Renoise. I’m still trying to get the syntax down for it. I love it though.

Thanks again.

I’ve been there as well… waiting and waiting for MED v2. This was several years ago when the PC version first started up though. But I was not waiting for the PC version, I was waiting for the Amiga v2 version. The situation now on PC is exactly as it was then on Amiga!

I stumbled upon OctaMED Soundstudio on Amiga (i.e. the latest version Teijo did before giving up programming completely afaik) and it was indeed a revolutionary program at the time… Support for simulated 12-bit and soundcard 16-bit audio, MIDI support (including sysex), several effect columns, lots of tracks, and scripting support for everything. A great program, but there were limitations and space for improvements too, so when I heard a v2 would come I was really happy! RBF announced it all and a German company (Kato dev) were to program the new OctaMED. To make the story short… nothing happened, RBF blamed Kato dev and kept on saying “it will soon be released”, noone answered my mails, they eventually released a half finished beta, nothing happened for a long time again and then the project died. Looking at the web page now it seems someone actually has taken over Amiga v2 development (!!)… if it hasn’t died alreay once again.

Ray (the owner of RBF) has made lots of promises never kept before and now it all repeats it seems. So I’m glad you found your way to Renoise! :) I wouldn’t wanna wait for MED again…


man this one is great!! :rolleyes:

…and this was my bloody website and have we seen these med users again? No bloody way!!!

You wouldnt beleive the amount of 0 post med members we have had to delete…

Renoise can stand up due to the quality of the product and not scamming tactic’s…

The quality of the software speaks for itself–in volumes and volumes.

Last night I was working/messing with Renoise for hours and continued today. I absolutely cannot believe a program this GREAT exists. At many points I’ve had a lump in my throat and my eyes were watering. I probably sound crazy. I just never thought a program like this was possible.

It is so many leaps and bounds above anything I’ve ever seen. It’s mixing bits of reason and bits of cubase and all the options from the best tracker programs.

It runs so flawlessly! Not a slowdown!

I’m still in absolute awe! It’s much more than a night a day difference from the competition.

Sorry for going on and on. No, I’m not really . I’m glad to be able to go on and on like this because there’s finally something positive worth rambling about! :D

Thanks a lot for the comments Kizzume. this defenitly helps me to forget these stupid times we spend with debugging unbelivable stupid vst compatibility problems :)

as a former MED user too - like twilek, kizzume, johan - i remember the old Amiga MED times and the provocative discussion of twilek/me in the MED forum :D

and i can’t add more: big thanx from my side too …

but it looks like that more and more MED users jumpin to Renoise … after some former small discussions about MED import in Renoise… please please a WIP voting about this … ;) (or simply add MED import in V1.3 :lol: )

speaking of OctaMED / Amga. I have found a way to convert the med-tunes (not med soundstudio but old fashined octamed stuff) to renoise.

you will need an functional amiga or winuae.

to convert a tune to renoise do following steps:

  1. load your med tune in octamed.
  2. transpose all midi instruments by 2 octaves down
  3. use med2xm (amiga cmd tool) to convert med tunes to xm
  4. load that tune into renoise, have fun.

you will have to remove some fXX commands since they arent value-compatible with renoise.

tip: use intrument transforming to transpose the samples / midi-instruments in your whole song.

med2xm :…converters.html

a bit off topic, but this might help to recover some nostalgic tunes :)

This acctually works with soundstudio modules aswell, i’ve made this procedure myself a couple of times with med ss modules without problems, so no worry ;)

you are not the first one! :P long time ago i recommend med2xm ;)

the biggest problem with med2xm is midi & the noteoffs … for MED sample based songs med2xm is totally ok …