Thanks For Xrns

My laptop HD died the other day. C partition was completely screwed, i couldnt even format the sectors it was on. This would’ve meant 3 months of work lost if i couldnt somehow get what i needed from D partition.

Booting from Ubuntu let me get what i could up to FTP, but the most recent track i was working on gave me I/O errors. What i wound up doing was open it as an archive, extract song.xml and every sample that wasnt lyrics into a new archive. God i would’ve been happy just to get song.xml, but getting most of the track like that simply wouldnt have been possible before.

Thanks for xrns basically rescuing my song. I nearly cried when i thought i’d lose it.

So you got a reminder of what backup frequently means…
Ever tried an online backup resource?

I don’t think I could ever trust one of these places myself. Certainly not with any kind of original files or source material. offers unlimited storage…and currently does not charges any rates…
I don’t know when they will introduce premium rates, but enjoy it while it’s free…
If you don’t trust them, store the files encrypted inside an archive…
Many ways to Rome.

Ah, thanks to xrns for saving one of sunjammers songs.

Well i have a ridiculous amount of computers (6 at the moment), so my backup solution has always been to mirror all my stuff wherever possible. In this case it was a song i’d been working on while i was in Berlin for a show, so no real backup solution was available at the time.

I’m mortified by the prospect of uploading stuff to a place i don’t feel in complete control. I don’t think online backup is the way to go for me. The way i do it now is keep everything that matters on a separate partition, keep the HD neatly defragged (which also helped big time now) and spread backups around.

It’s done me well for the past 7 years :) but my god it hurts when you finally lose something. owwie.

On a sidenote, considering i use SVN for pretty much everything else these days, anyone think me insane for contemplating a svn repository for my samples and renoise files?

Man… Diff for xrns would be glorious. It’s a total pipedream, but having a svn based internal backup/version control tool with Renoise 2 would be pretty crazy, if only for maintaining autosaves and such in small autocreated repositories.

Perhaps this could be a checkbox in the song settings; “enable version control”. Saving would still be to xrns, but the xrns would also contain repository structure. Every save would perform a commit to this repository.

The open file with options dialog could give a list of save dates/change log.

Just letting my mind wander. I think it’d be interesting. And entirely optional. Sigh :) Tortoisesvn for the great win

I’m trying to picture what inline renoise diff or compare would look like :) Perhaps a transparent overlay with color coding for changes. Jesus.

You know if it’s possible for svn to read the contents of zip files rather than just read the whole zip file as an octet stream?

It shouldn’t be too hard to whip up a Diff tool for Xrns-php right?
I mean the base is already there, we only need a php script to strip the song.xml, do a line count and stock the diff files somewhere.
Use nnCron lite to automate the diff-backup process each minute and you’re done.

That’s a great idea. Someone get on this! (i.e. not me :) )