That Effect Thing... What's It Called?

So, I’m asking what they call the thing they do with samples…
The likes of squarepusher’s “come on my selecta”, and Aphex twin’s “girl/boy song” (a prime example).

You know, when they play samples (maily drums) so fast, it seems they’re given notes.

Is there a plugin?

they use some kind of granulize synth.
it’s a synth that plays a sample back divided in thousands of tiny “grains”
automating the parameters of such a synth create the sound you want to achieve.

200 bpm, speed 3, Retrig (0exy) & Pitch Slide (01xx, 02xx).

Have fun.

yeah, i hate to break it to ya, it’s all programmed by hand.

connor said, high speed, offset, and pitch.

don’t forget about the retrigger command either.

It’s not that bad once you get the hang of it.

Trust me, I know about programming by hand (without meaning to sound arrogant), but I do admittedly need to get the hang of Renoise commands, as I’m still transitioning from OctaMED on my Amiga. I’ve used the retrig command in a couple of attempts (admittedly not with pitch), with some success. But with this kind of effect, you need very high accuracy to produce anything near to the quality of the aforementioned. The retrig just doesn’t quite give the desired effect, as I mean;

a note played 264 times per second=Frequency of a “C” note.

The granulizer sounds like a possibility, so I’ll have a search.

200BPM?! haha, I gotta listen to some of your stuff!

You can think of 200 BPM as a high resolution 100 BPM.

Chop your sounds using CAPLOCK or 00 in the volume column… Your samples are vital as well. I have an old XM (converted to RNS for this thread) that shows "squarepusher style. i have cut it down to the essentials (drums)… check it out.

NB: This was done in 1997 using FT2, the sound quality is shit and the tracking style (notes everywhere) is stupid considering you can now have several sub columns inside of one column in Renoise. However, the style and cuts are there in their simplest manifestation. Hope this helps.

Here’s what I got

Only thing is, you can only play 3 notes per line (ticks, & in your case 6), it doesn’t work per second, thus not creating the “tones” needed. Understand?

strange link you have there… :)

correct would be this one :)

but in aphex twins i didnt heard any “tone making” either… :unsure:

Ok, your url is f****ed but i managed to download your example.

First off, you can plug in 27 notes in one second using BPM 200 Speed 3. Use two columns and do a D1 (delay command in the panning effects area) and you can do 54 notes in 1 second - not 6 as you say. (EDIT: I misunderstood, you are talking about retrig… wooops)

Secondly. you are talking about changing the pitch (but not the tempo) of the break using time stretching. I know the technique you are trying to do (if i now understand correctly).

The easiest way (in Renoise) is to export a break and in Audacity, using Change Pitch then re-import in Renoise and assemble them together. Or look for “Time Stretching” or “Pitch Change” in whatever application you use.

There is probably a plugin to do it… But I don’t know it, so hack it up! (EDIT: I am the king of edits today… Check TIME MACHINE II ->

minikomi, yer cray-z

great tthread

like I wrote A while back in Yahoo groups.
its the art of “aliasing” in WACK SAMPLERS (hardware and trackers).
fake Granular synthisis.
—synth wise—:
take a very short sample like a close hi hat.
open it it in the sample editor of your tracker.
and have it loop, now select a beginging and end loop and start
pulling them close together tilll you get a wierd FM synthisisy, crossmod like sound
that you fancy.
once happy…trim the sample and create a instument out of it.
now turn the octave up high…and press some keys.
sounds alot like the COME TO DADDY synth at the beginning of the video and the hook of the sound…huh. :drummer:
now ad a little (not alot) tube distortion to the track. B)
you dont need pretty VSTis to get what I call.
NOW if your inside RENOISE…change your tick value up to around 31 and your tempo at 500.
make a 128 length pattern with the Repeat command like everywhere…be brutal.
render the sequence( or selction).
save it as a Instument.
start from scratch…with a normal tick value and tempo YOU like and have the instument…sync.
have fun.

Beken One

After a bit of investigation, I was thinking if the loop end points could be automated, or used in a command, it would probably solve my problem. It would also be the easiest for me to work with, by changing the loop end points to provide the frequency of notes in a line, and tuning it by ear, perhaps not ideal, but should be quite accurate (and better with a calculator).
Perhaps if the devs could provide a 3 or 4 digit sample offset in combination with a pan or volune column command (4096 / 65536 loop pointers), loop start and end points command, we’d have all the accuracy we’d need (especially with hi-hats or other stabs), without having to go to some of the extraordinary lengths all you guys do. Don’t get me wrong, I love hacking it up too, but resampling is an option i’m always less comfortable with because it makes the whole thing feel more cluttered. If you’ve got the sound and you know you can produce the effect, why render another sound instead? Here’s an example of the “command” I had in mind:

C-4 … xx yyyy

Where xx is the loop start or end, or sample offset command.
And yyyy is the value, perhaps a switch to go between sample pointers and milliseconds would be great!
My guess is though, it might be tricky to get renoise to think the yyyy value
isn’t a command, but a pointer, unless xx is made to somehow overide yyyy.

I tried the pitch in conjuction with the retrig command which doesn’t seem to provide the effect needed, I assume because it still doesn’t alter the frequency of notes in a line, which is what I’m really after.

I fixed the link by the way :rolleyes:

to make it simpler:

have two effects numbers, say fe ff and xxxx

where xxxx is the value of a point in a sample.
fe is the loop start
ff is the loop end
and maybe fd is the value of the type of loop (i.e. 01 is none, 02 is forward, etc.)

just to keep it simple.

I really really really think we need an extra value in the fx column, tho.

Yeah sorry, I got a habit of making things sound more complex than they really are :rolleyes:, I just didn’t want to specify a value for yy because I don’t have a complete memory of the values already used.

Yeah, that DFX buffer override thing was great, just what I’m after, and a great control method. Thanks anon!

When you said invent your own shit though, did you mean resample stuff, write a plugin of my own or what?

Not that I’m too bothered now I have a solution, just curious :ph34r:

Wheee! Crash! Bang! Wallop & skid to a halt, now this is what I’m talking about :drummer:

The link:

Now everybody can be Squarepusher, I hear copying someone else’s signature style equals getting signed to a label and fame!

Hey! I’m not copying anyone’s style, even though I wouldn’t choose to write anything like Squarepusher (or probably be able to). It’s just a commonly used effect, which I’m sure Aphex Twin used before the vast majority of electronic musicians, so who copied who?

Perhaps Kraftwerk got it in there beforehand :D, but I wouldn’t know as I don’t listen to them. Maybe this lot might have???

I don’t use emoticons, it was a joke.

Oops, ok ;)