That Inferior Feeling

Another track from here ;)

Feedback appreciated!

Hello, happy track. To tell something, I think that the piano could be placed more over top the other instruments because the piano melody is quite important. :)

Ah, yeah, you’re probably right, it definitely should be more dominant in the mix. Thanks for the suggestion! ;)

aww yeah!

it’s a bit too reverby for my taste… (it’s fine on the piano… but maybe less on the strings and that synth or something?) dunno, that’s the one thing that (negatively) stood out to me, besides the piano drowning a bit when other stuff is playing… maybe make the strings a little less loud, too.

and watch the trebles of that high pitched synth… maybe play it an octave lower, or double the track and make the copy one octave lower, then make the original one quieter? do something to it, the sound is a bit too harsh near the end IMHO.

loved the melody and rhythm, ahh. could be longer! that is, there can never be too much of such a thing. B)