That Is Some Sort Of Cool

This is a huge flashmonster but I doubt that you won’t like it - the music-video is cool, too :)


I’ve had it with long pubic hair a long time ago, in my teenage years, when I’d get one of those random erections on the street and would get my bleep caught on hair! :lol:


And then I’d have to contort myself to get the stuff untangled without people noticing. Embarrassing.

I like that it’s cordless. I might get one! :P

:lol: :lol: that guy is funny :)

f**** shaving. the only thing that i shave is my head about once a month, and that’s so i don’t ever have to comb my hair. beard? who gives a shit, you don’t have to comb it so why bother shaving it? i am all about maximum time efficiency :D

i asked him that and he said he dont know the answer to that :lol:

I can see myself shaving my arse, balls and then shave off my beard as if it was the most common order to follow.
No thank you.

So Philips went into the pornstar market…

Sorry, but I don’t think it’s nice to say that.

I think It’s very brave of philips to enter this market.
it’s true that some men want to shave other body parts.
So what?
and they are not all pornostars.

yes i fully agree. It’s not like there are any hairy women nowadays aren’t there ? yugh

if men and women are to be treated equal, then :
no more ladies free night at clubs and bars. (why should i pay if a woman can enter for free)
men should care more about their looks. (we always demand the same from women)

I think it’s just dumb.

Tho I shave my teacup and carrot from time to time, and regret afterwards. :P

TRIM is the word here! Clean shaven is just dumb!

Oh, and who the hell shaves their legs?? Girls yeah, but I hardly know any gay men who shave that intense!

all i know is whenevr ive Ever got the idea to trim the hair on my balls, ive always regretted it!
sweaty an itchy balls mos def aint my thing
if theres hair there, then its usually because its suppose to be there!!
from my experience women like guys with hair, i think it has alot to do with how they seem to naturally like animals.

some girls might say the opposite, saying that “oh i wish my man would take hygiene notes from my “Friend” the metro”. and that all goes down to the thing about how women hate to see the changes they inflict, on those poor poor basturds that let them.

yeah its a complete oxymoron!

it just goes to show that its not that she wants you to shave your balls.
its that shes just wants to tell you to shave your balls. :rolleyes:

the reason for pubic hair imho is to maximize your smell. hair means more surface area so more liquid can evaporate in the same time.

This is a razor I would purchase.

I used to be into body-building and I thought I looked much better, BUILT, without hair. Especially seeing as I am one hairy motherfather if I don’t shave…

I could certainly notice my definition more without the hair and thought it was easier to visually track my progress. Oh, and yes my legs too to answer why a guy would do it.

Are they reasons many of you would agree with? Probably not… I am not a big fan of hair, but I do sport a beard on occassion until it pisses me off from the itching enough to motivate me to shave it.

Agreed and agreed.

There is one thing that the Phillips guy says that’s true: the more hair you have the more the chance to have B.O…

I personally cannot stand the smell of BO in me (and in others frankly) and trimming (not shaving) does the trick. Of course looks like the tolerance for smells varies with culture (like the no showering in France… wtf is up with that?!)

As for girls liking or not hairy man, I think it depends on the girl, but I do think most of them would like to see you well groomed.

I’m not a hairy guy myself and my girlfriend, for example, likes to mention how clean my body looks and feels.

She told me she dated this hairy guy once (tons of back and chest hair and a bush down there almost hiding the guys bleep and stuff), and when she tells me that she makes the “I’m about to puke” face.

By the way my pubes are getting long enough and it’s warming up here in DC. Time for a trim! :lol:

i’m one hairy bastard. and my gf loves it , she gets sad when i shave my beard. she likes to nuzzle in it

I gotta get one of these! This and the new volkswagon… v-dub represent. But seriously, I keep my shit constantly groomed- not bare, but at a quarter inch at the longest everywhere. What i gather from what girls have said to me is that they pretty much all appreciate a nice clean well groomed body as much as I do. The optical inch :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think the “real love” is bigger than the look of your balls :) No girl will dump you just because of one or two inches of hair :)

But I also prefer my girls shaved and I doubt that it’s too nice for a girl to have hair in the mouth :D


It’s true some men want to shave other bodyparts?
Well, i can respect the idea they do it for the real few that indeed want that from their own perspectives (strong odor or itchy spots (or itchy bugs crawling around)) but there are also men that want that more or less because their wife complains about it.

By saying that the extra inch would attract more women, the advertising guy misses something essential about the natural odor of a man lots of women like.
Besides, you don’t go into a bar to swing around with your extra optical inch right?

I do find that part of the advertisement very funny however only just to imagine my last idea.

Don’t count on them doing deepthroat when you got a jungle out there… :D :D

I hear that, but then again, you might have a hard time getting a girl to come back for a second round if she left your place picking pubes off the back of her tongue :lol:

And TWO INCHES of hair??? Take your fingers and make two inches between you your thumb and index finger, now place that down there next to your dick. That’s BAAADD mkay? :o

You know, this forum really is something else. I mean we couldn’t talk about this kinda shit on or you know? This, and the “I love you” thread really takes the boring sterile facet out of getting on the internet.

Trust me- I’ve seen this go down quite a few times at my local bar/cafe :blink: I might need to find a new place to hang :unsure: