That Secret Site For Regged Users?

I am a registered Renoise user, and I want a peek behind the curtain, to see if 1.5 has arrived as beta - heheh…

Where do I look (forgot the URL) ?

Think it was something like


remove the “s” in users ;)
btw, I do not think it is that secret. One thing that shall be secret though is your username and password, and thouse I can’t tell you :rolleyes: :D :lol:

you’d better don’t loose your time this way: there will be announces about the availability of the beta version

go compose instead ;)

Ah…IT-alien…but I am composing. A lot more time on that, than on this forum (nudge-nudge :wink:

Seriously, I haven’t looked anywhere for the 1.5 and I’m not desperate or anything. Just lost the URL, and would anyway need it sooner or later.