That's How It Ends... ?

Good for us, there’s only one Renoise at time…

Check it out - amazing thread :)


aww, what a nice gesture from “steinbug”


Now I even feel more guilty that I bought a Renoise license almost four years ago and still get upgrades!! You guys need to setup a donate button somewhere! ;)

Oh dear. I can understand that owners of Cubase-software feel betrayed by this. I also hope that Renoise will somehow stay that small that this feeling of intimacy in the community never will fade. I guess the tracker-nature of Renoise naturally regulates this, but still.

Right, that’s it, I’m moving to Cubase.


And how about smart donating system, in backstage area? Minimum fee - 5 USD/EURO - up to 100 USD/EU.

If your license is going to expire on next release, you should be able to upgrade for next version when you donate for example 20 USD/EU. Donations should be summarized in user’s profile and virtually converted to credit-points :) and when you reach 20 credits you should receive upgrade ticket that allows to download next version. Collected credits could be spent on discount points 10%, 20%, 35% for Renoise gadgets and collectibles from online store.

It brings some changes to license scheme, but let’s face facts. New version comes every year and that’s solid.

So… how to donate you, Renoise Team?
Because I’d really liked that delay plugin compensation :P

Like anyone actually ‘buys’ Cubase anyway…

donations are not possible, sorry.

if you want, you can buy Renoise wear

This is terrible news from Steinberg.
Makes you wonder, is it about creating a good product or good money.
Good thing the Renoise frontpage has been updated.

Haha, yeah I was having a good giggle at the front page update.

This is a great opportunity for Renoise to enlist a lot more people I think!

The more the merrier, of course. Maybe the Renoise guys should start hitting up the Forums all over to catch the Cubase deserters


Nah come on man, its not REALLY that different is it?


I reckon this is a golden opportunity to get a load more people on board. Even if it doesnt result in 1000’s more registrations, at least the overall community would be bigger.

I sometimes wonder if it is the perfect size as it is, and worry that if it gets bigger that the feel will change, but I think in reality the basis and ideals have already been set here, so any extra people would just be a good thing.

Get spamming!!

By ‘constant growth’ I am guessing you mean continual?

This means an equal amount of extra people registering each month (year/day/week/nano-second, etc.)…

I cant see why this would be disappointing?

Did you mean something else? Or… what are the alternatives?

The most easiest way to adverstise and every Renoise user can actively do this, is just create a video that demonstrates a simple thing to get workflow going and post it on YouTube.
It is on my to-do list of things in the aspect of “Teach and Advertise”, but there are a lot of things i can’t demonstrate since i don’t have a lot of gear to control Renoise.
I have enough to show the basics.
One thing that is becoming less that i really need is time. Two jobs and both demanding more from me on a quick pace this month.

Ah OK, I get it now!

Yeah that isnt as good is it :(

Amazing idea!
Notify us when you’re done…

I get what you mean. I also have some really big difficulties with keeping all things up. I’m graduating next month to receive my B. Sc. in computing science, I work as a developer to pay this off, I have a demanding gf (which is I think a marvelous thing after all :D), I have also some projects of my own (like XRNS-Lib which I plan to finally release in February). Oh, back to the topic… The video stuff is a great idea… but I don’t really know how to make videos in the first place. Someone would have to explain. I’d do some MIDI demonstrations with my new instrument.

Yeah, that’s true but I guess there are still some things missing in Renoise. I guess that without them people heavily using audio recording and MIDI just won’t bother changing the paradigm from magix-like sequencers to a tracker.

Multilevel marketing is a nice way to sell a program, but indeed if a potential user does not want to buy it because it lacks features, the talk has to be done again once new features have been added.
I know for sure the userbase would increase if Renoise would also be released as a VST plugin.

Nah, and here you’re being way too heavyhanded. Audio tracks (or an Arranger… this seems to be a more popular approach as I see on the forums; I’d rather have audio tracks tho) are the last major thing missing (with it you would be able to bypass the subtick timing limitation for now by just recording the VSTi as an audio track). The rest of the things I mentioned is important but not crucial to produce serious music. And I’m not talking about Venetian Snares-like music. Think Keith’s “Electronic Space Cowboy”, etc.

So, Renoise is just crossing the line of a tool for enthusiasts to a professional music production tool. Massive marketing would easily make it much more popular. We need some decent documentation which you can actually print out, we need video demoes (I like this format of docs, it really speaks well to musicians), we need massive advertising (think: Renoise logo on CDs in stores, Renoise logo on shirts during gigs, Renoise tutorials in music magazines, etc.). And we need the killer song, the one which will hit the Top 40 and the author will say: it wouldn’t be possible without Renoise B) Famous musicians (and I mean mainstream famous) using Renoise would be nice, too.

But yeah, audio tracks are a must in one form or another.

The video advertisement, even for showing the basics, is an AMAZING idea.

We got to consider that prospectives users are (as a majority) kids, that didn’t know or don’t know what trackers are. I’m 30, and I didn’t!

Beginners or frustrated users of big name sequencers would think twice and give it a go, instead of just saying “fck this sht. it’s too complicated”, and going back to using Live or Cubase or whatever. Think about it, almost every n00b that doesn’t know a thing about music production starts with Reason, because that thing is so easy to use. Then they move on to something more complex.

And if you can put a nice video together, showing that Renoise is not as scary as it seems, there will be user coming to join and support Renoise.