That's Neat

Props for this guy.
e: For all of them. This is even cooler.

nice stuff, the backwards scrolling would be a nice feature for renoise aswell.

Yep, position jumps (and pattern loop commands) are something found in almost all trackers, but not renoise.
Anyway, this stuff is awesome. Rare by it’s nature in the era of closed source song distribution.

e:huh, there IS position jump command? :o Didn’t know!

Hmmz… ever heard of a mod called “Black Queen”?
( )

Awesome! :D

I made an own attempt myself once in Impulse Tracker:


aaaaaahhhh…pure! eyeshit kodak fujifilm musik codecs.
lil bit offtopic…i have been really missin this lil simple feature that also ft had build inside smapleditor:

right click -> draw! [hahaha, apple?] :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

i remember playing with making patterns play backwards in IT. i’ve made renoise files that jump around the rows. FBxx does it. nothing to go to a given pattern sequence index, but renoise’s ueber-simpel pattern sequencer makes it kind of pointless.

beatbattle is upon us!

oops wrong thread…

…or is it?


… a silly version of my entry =)

Niiiiiiiiice :D

Craazyyy :)
Should we take a animbattle coupled with beatbattle ?