The 90s called

Just an idea I did the other night, not really a full track yet. Worth working on? What do you think?

It does indeed sounds like a 90’s dance track!

I find it a bit repetitive ,maybe because of the bass loop.
Also, the song could maybe use a break in the middle (just a suggestion).

Anyway, good work!

Sounds quite a bit like a 90’s remix of Madonna’s Vogue

it remind me some dance when y i was an old child cool :walkman:

Ah! Replies. Sorry it seems I wasn’t receiving notifications on this thread. Thank you everyone!

Yes it’s a bit repetitive, a break would help but I think the piano is maybe a bit jarring too, perhaps just a little variation needed. I suppose I would turn it into a ‘full’ track it would need a bit more, I like the basic sound though.

Anyway, Madonna called and she wants her sample back now.

I actually didn’t find it repetitive at all. To me it just has the right amount of elements making good use of their spots :) Something I often struggle with. Perhaps a couple little fills & variations would be needed if it weren’t 90’s.

Good tune.

Definitely got me to 90s. You must get us back to 90s by keeping up! I like it. Go on, nicely done. :)