The Amen Break

It’s a slow download… but tells a story about the origin of the well known famous amen break sample.

had to pull out my old simon harris beats, breaks & scratches after that. :)

edit: funny! the amen break is in some kinda variation in almost anyone of the beat, breaks & scratches series. in volume 5 & 8 anyway the break is just sampled & looped. :D

Isnt this some cool knowlegde to show at birthday parties?
a 6 seconds loop.
originator of hiphop, turntableism, etc.
It’s in 95% of the all jungle style songs…
originator of breakbeat and electronica, etc.

…and available for all to learn about in wikipedia :P :)

The TB-303 movie was quite nice too.


Click next project a couple of times…

sweet…found it.

this has been a topic before, btw ;)…4cfe2c856e06b9d

pretty good story, although i couldnt understand why it had to be a video… :)

As I understood it, the video is only the documentation of an audio installation.

is it just me? this video kinda reminds me of animatrix’s second renaissance… just…music related…

(just unbalancing the equation… :D )

So utterly boring…

Some story about folks that reinvented the wheel of the use of samples.

But i guess the possibilities of some 6 second break is a bit the same idea of what the many possibilities of Mandelbrot formula’s do for mathematicians.

I rather generate my own percussion-lines rather than copycat James brown- and Amen Brother rippers.
I already stripped and cutted samples on the C64 in the late 80’s since you had to considering the amount of memory you had for digi’s.
When the Amiga 500 came around it gave me more breathing room and tracking space to use. From 3 wave-voices and one 4-bit sample-track i went to 4 or 8 8-bit tracks (well 7-bit when 9 tracks).

If you have such kind of history in toying-experience, samplers are a pretty boring topic.

i thought this is the windows narrator speaking sometimes…
but i didn’t think it was boring. very interesting indeed…just …narrator… :)

I had a sampler once, but didn’t like it much.

The most interesting point of the story IMO, is that it became public domain and then copyrighted again.

this is not about that you should use amen or some other break in your music… Its about history of electronic music, jungle, hip-hop etc
And personally i find it quite phenomenal what that one little drum solo did! dont you?

yeah man… whatever happened on that day was magic. the way the hihats sound all metallic, i guess because of the way the microphone and compression and stuff was set up, but it’s just the perfect beat.

but it makes me wonder…

could other breaks be equally as good? what if there are thousands of other beats or samples that could be as wonderful as the amen and would have the potential to be so influential?

i just wonder sometimes…

have we already reached our limits with the possibilities of music? … or have we only scratched the surface?

In case you are suggesting I don’t know nuthing about the ‘real’ ol’ trackers story. I must add that I too was there rockin this beat and sampling those sounds with a 4 track dos tracker, two peanuts for memory, and a screen that was green. So what’s your point.

I seriously think we have reached our limits by now… but don’t worry music will be just like fashion clothings… every year the hip people will decide what genre/sound is hot or not since every half ass can make music.

Personally i felt really bored when the house-culture broke out.
I already got bored when we got these late 80’s sample mixes when folks only used samples from old songs (or actually mixed two or three records into a new output generation). (Remember “Pomp up the volume” by marrs? and all of that Technotronic crap)
To go back to the later 90’s house culture (the “Turn up the Bass” collection etc.) I really hate the TR808 and 909 because of all this copycat experiments.
I became fed up with it because it did not add any new experience to my listening enjoyement and rather killed my sources of inspiration.
So phenomenal? No, not really.

There are just a lot of people that seemed to be attracted to use this little drumsolo and a lot of them among the large group, could also do something with it.
But i don’t call it original and well, in a lot of cases i can’t call it music either.
I can call it an experiment and i don’t mind people experimenting with stuff just to gain the experience or maybe to gain some new perspectives or inspiration do to something totally different, but then do something totally different.

I dislike the history because the source tends to saturate the variety of the music in it’s genre. I’m glad not every DnB and Junglist is interested in using this stupid break in every song he/she creates, but the majority of jungle I void just because of this type of particular sample over-abusage.
For some people i’ld rather see them to have the guts to say that they’re an audio(-culture) developer and not a musician as they are definately not a musician imho.

The definition of what music is, has changed into more subcultures than the Islam lives in it’s many interpretations of the Koran.