The Api Wishlist Thread

(vV) #21

I thought one may accomplish these kind of things by addressing the

local p_pos =
p_pos.line = 9 = p_pos

Then initiate a start and follow it directly by a stop.

Am currently not @ home to test this.

besides, i’m not a favor of allowing scripts to initiate “short-cut” functions that don’t have an API equivalent, i rather have a direct API command that simply performs this.

(esaruoho) #22

yes… well, what are the chances that the API would eventually have a direct command for “Play current Line” ? :)

(Beatslaughter) #23

Additionally to:


i would find it very useful to have a:


… too, so that i can store any script settings in the same go.

(Beatslaughter) #24

Another small one which would make life a bit easier.


(Moonriders) #25

Could we have an XY Control for the ViewBuilder?

(It-Alien) #26
  1. Renoise.SelectionBlock object.

  2. SampleBuffer.selection_start and SampleBuffer.selection_end as read/write variables (they are currently read-only)

(Johann) #27

Functions to convert sample buffers: mono/stereo, sample rate and bit depth, everything the “adjust sample properties” dialog can do.

I’d also like something simpler, to just know the lines where the selection starts and ends. Maybe like the current selection in the sample editor behaves: if nothing is selected, you get the first and last line of the pattern, otherwise where the selection starts/ends.

(Johann) #28

when that comes, I’ll be ready :D

1087 selector01.png

(Johann) #29

Tooltip stuff:

  • Some kind of markup for bold text in tooltips.

  • Everything that can have a tooltip, should have “tooltip_width” as well, and autowrap to that width.

  • Not really an API request: a slightly bigger inner margin on tooltips would make them much more readable IMHO. Just 1-2 pixels more…

(Ledger) #30

We currently have access to sample basenote:[].samples[].base_note _observable  

Can we have access to a VST Basenote aswell?

[i]I could see channel being useful at some point too.

[/i]edit: while we are at it MIDI basenote [and other properties too]?

(vV) #31

Why not asking for all VSTI instrument controls?
All or nothing ;)

(Ledger) #32

+1 if taktik has the inclination, but in the short(sighted) term I just need the basenote for a specific script :)

(BYTE-Smasher) #33


(Conner_Bw) #34

Use the source, Luke.

(Johann) #35

now here’s an idea: per-song-preferences! That is, the same sweet mechanism we have for preferences now, only that this set of preferences gets saved (just those parts that differ from the defaults, as to not bloat every song automatically) into and loaded from each song, transparently to the script.

(Moonriders) #36

Conner_Bw, do those by chance run in renoise?
If not, is there any possible way of seeing what it looks like if I have Lua installed?

(Conner_Bw) #37

I’m not going to prod the embers more than I should. These are unsupported leftovers unsuitable for public release.

If you can’t figure this out on your own, then this is not for you. :wink: It’s not my place to help, less I want to piss off more people than I should.

(taktik) #38

Its disabled in 2.6, but not because we want to keep it secret or whatever, but simply because its not yet ready for prime time. There’s a lot of stuff missing to make that really fun, and a lot of questions open about how this thing should work in detail.

At some time it will be (re)enabled; when it’s ready. Right now making the current API (and 2.6 builds in general) as stable and “complete” has highest priority. One thing after the other…

(Moonriders) #39

Well, you succeeded in pissing me off, so you got your monies worth.
Can I get a screenshot?

(Conner_Bw) #40

I’m no longer on the Renoise Team. I have the same beta you have. Read Taktik’s previous reply. It’s disabled (I haven’t tried, but i’ll take his word for it). So, no screenshots because it’s not possible.

My mistake.