The Api Wishlist Thread

(tris) #101

and indeed any other parameters that we can’t set for devices currently.

I’ve just written a script that adds lots of #sends to my set and would like very much for them all to be set to “keep source” after they’ve been created.

sadly this still looks like a manual fiddle to do this…

oh actually i just realized i can work round this nastily with device presets! but my request still stands.


(esaruoho) #102

moved to here

(re.dread) #103

Can i have access to the FileName of a sample? :)



-- File name.<br>[].samples[].file_name<br>
-&gt; [read-only, string]<br>


(kazakore) #104

[quote=“ReDread, post:103, topic:29285”]
Can i have access to the FileName of a sample? :)



-- File name.<br>[].samples[].file_name<br>
-&gt; [read-only, string]<br>

As Samples are stored inside the Song, not separately and pointed to, there is no location information for it to give you like in the above example.</sample>

(re.dread) #105

Mmm, samples are indeed saved with the song, but the original sample location is stored with them in the Song.xml … the xml snippet is actually just copy & pasted from an existing Song.xml.

(kazakore) #106

Thanks for teaching me something new, I didn’t know that. Lends some support to esaruoho’s request of being able to navigate to the correct folder when a file is loaded by drag and dropping being maybe possible somewhere down the line.

(esaruoho) #107

edit: retrospectively removed pointless misunderstanding

(kazakore) #108

And I lend you my support to many of them.

(esaruoho) #109

this one (being able to refresh disk browser to “current sample” folder, read from song.xml) would mean that Renoise could be a really rather nice replacement for soundforge (at least for some processing and some sample cutting + conversion), for osx. a 50euro tracker + wave editor. i wouldn’t mind that, me :) )

hmm, now i forget what else he proposed it could be used for. (ReDread)

(re.dread) #110

I didn’t propose anything yet, but i’m trying to write a sort of drum sampler interface atm which should be able to save and load “kits” song independently and the only thing missing is the sample location. (I tried to read the Song.xml manually today, but having an hard time to do the unzipping).
/off_topic (:

(kazakore) #111

You’d still need to be able to write to the Disk Op’s current location. Or is that already possible? For a private script you might be able to do it writing and recalling on of the view presets as a workaround if it’s not?.. (Guessing here, not actually looking at the LUA pages.)

(joule) #112

I couldn’t find a request on this:

Viewbuilder really lacks a select list element. This is usable in a lot of circumstances where it’s much prettier than a dropdown box. It could also optionally support multiple selections by the standard control key method.

Typical usages:

  • A standard way of showing and selecting presets in a preference dialogue.
  • Best way of showing/selecting search results (e g as a realtime filter from a normal searchbox).

(Beatslaughter) #113

Any reason to not have a os.copy() function in the library? We can move, delete files etc. but a simple copy function is missing.

(grymmjack) #114

This would be helpful and open up io calls to do all kinds of fun stuff :)

(grymmjack) #115

I would really like some way to open a web browser in platform agnostic way to a destination URL (file, or otherwise). I can see creating some things that output HTML/CSS/JavaScript dynamically based on the song itself when the tool is run (introspection, etc.)

I know I can do this with exec or alike, but I’m not sure linux/windows/mac, etc. If renoise could wrap that for us and do the heavy lifting on platform juggling to open a browser via protocol handler or whatever association the user has and just allow us to point to a file on disk or a URL that would be very helpful.

long the lines of the web request, it would be very cool to have some kind of web-view in the viewbuilder, where we could embed code into it. In this way we could use all the power of the web within our tools, including interfaces, and so on perhaps.

(Cas) #116
  • send device mute/keep mode
  • disable a device => autominimize (have to ‘observe’ whole mixer)
  • lfos custom ‘envelope’
  • save a tool’s prefs with a song

(Cornbeast) #117
  • 1!

Just like with VSTi:s you want to continue where you were last time when you saved the song

(esaruoho) #118

moved “renoise in rewiremode yes/no detection” to here

(Cas) #119

to load from .xrni
real simple, not sure if normally needed, i’m just trying to write a script to export .wav or .flac from my Overtuned stuff (to use in Live Simpler, I just got a free version via soundcloud). I’ll look into CreateTool’s zip.lua for now.

(Cas) #120

2 other things I could really put to use right away:  
``` which would give the callback function an immediate pointer to the added device  
same for moved (between tracks), swapped, removed, etc,

so one could easily make the so much sought-for "Minimize Device when Deactivated" tool