The Beginning Of The End

Hey there,

this is my first post in the music forum, so i may say a sentence or two about myself:
I am a long time musician and reason user and discovered renoise a few weeks ago. What an awesome piece of software! I used to track on my old Amiga ages ago and it brings back memories. For electronic music, there is nothing better and faster than a nice tracker. And renoise is one hell of a nice tracker. :guitar:

I love to do remixes and discovered the sources for some songs of the new NiN album on their site.
So i fired up renoise and out came this (entirely done in renoise):…lous%20RMX).ogg

Enjoy and tell me, what you think ^^

Feedback is appreciated. :D


Hi and welcome to Renoise!

Listening to your remix now: Sounds like you’re having some fun here. This has a pop-dance remix feel to it. It’s interesting to hear just how fragile Reznor’s vocals are. It’s varied enough throughout to keep it from being boring, but it’s not weird enough to sustain my interest.

Some serious mastering issues too, with overcompresson and a muddy sound. Keep at it! :)