The Best Way To Save A Selection Of Instruments...


Yet another beginners question :)

Is it possible to save a selection of instruments. I have processed a loop that’s hits have been spanned to several instruments. Can I somehow save a selection of these downcut samples so, that it could be later re-opened in a song?




here is my late reply to your post,
I requested this as a feature in Features and Suggestions, because i’m in the need too.

unless i’m misunderstanding the question you can already do this.

simply select ‘Instrument’ to the left of the Disk Browser, click the instrument you want to save, navigate to the location where you want to save it, type a name at the bottom of the file selector list and click the little disk icon that becomes enabled once you’ve typed a name.

i think that’ll do it.

It sounds more like someone wants to save more than one instrument at the same time.
The only way currently is to save it as a song, though you can’t load it from within Renoise to add the instrument to your current song, but you can use the Xrns php merger tool to merge those songs together.

that would be awesome…

Btw. Extreme Sample Converter has serious troubles opening the XRNS format. Some of the samples are distorted when importing a Renoise song… Sounds a bit like a bit crusher =)


you can open the XRNS with powerarchiver. That gives access to all the sample data.

Only drawback is that it will create folders for each sample, so it can be a pain in da ass unless you have some software that can batch process the files from the folders to just one folder and also rename them.

Edit: BTW this can be done in wavelab. . . yeah. seems like problem solved!!!