The Best Xrni Renoise Instruments ?


I would like to use different .XRNI files on Renoise v1.91. I am looking for the best .XRNI Renoise Instruments files on PC, any ideas ? Furthermore, I need “real” instruments: Piano, Synth, Orchestral, Ensemble, Voices, Orchit, Violin…

Today, I use Absynth v4 with Renoise and it works good :slight_smile: I compose musics :

1°) New Age, Orchestral, Medieval, Romantic, Movies…
2°) Techno, House, Acid, Trance, HardTrance, HardCore…

Please help me to find my favourites .XRNI Renoise Instruments for Renoise !

Thanks & Greetings,


find your favourite? if you had a favourite you wouldn’t have lost it.

sample some VSTi’s

maybe you can find some at the loop project?

Here are tons of FT2 instruments, they’re compatible with Renoise: