[...] The Brain

I love it:

Uses a lot of VSTis.
The main accord riff was recorded by the CS1X, no sounds from CS1X are used. Only the knobs to twist the superwave P8 sound a little more.

This is a track I worked over and over again.
Sometimes left alone for months.
Then did something again. Original version done with Renoise. 2

I had this melody in mind for so long and didn’t know how to get it into renoise right outta my head.
So this WAS the result. After working on this again and again and again

What I am unsatisfied with:

A lot of little errors, no real ending yet. Ending is at the moment just stopping of playing.

Finished? No, not really, never I guess.

I’m asking again: Any opinion?


Did no one like it? really?!

I like it nice, arppegioss, sound kinda oldschool like 80/90 rythms :) What is that plugin that enters at 1:50?