The Catastrophy Thread

Sobjectivenes ahoy.

Kinda tasteless to put up that bush-shop here, don’t you think? Tho that’s the general opinion and complaint going in the US now. So then again, maybe not.

it’s funny if seen in a non-political way, i guess.
one could change bushes face for, i don’t know: ronald mc donald.
but it’s a music forum isn’t it?

The actual skynews headline is true, though the perception of the context can be read dubious.

It’s pretty unforgivable if a country responds so late upon disaster while for terrorists they have 8 eyes.

(It’s frightening to know that the events of 9/11 2001 seem to be allowed considering lots of situations documented that weren’t checked or procedures were walked through which usually alwasy are being checked or done, they needed 9/11 so they could initiate projects Afghanistan and Iraq and play tough guy against Syria and Korea)

Also strangely all kinds of fund raisings are running, gathering more money than the whole continent of Africa ever got when they we’re in serious trouble.

i’m american and i hate my country. i hate republicans and i hate our wasteful society. i hate that people are not trying to find alternate forms of energy and the only way that we will stop using gasoline is when it runs out.

i voted for kerry

Unfortunately, you can’t vote for the member candidates of the board of directors of the weapons industry and you can’t vote for the chief and department chiefs of the intelligence agency.
You neither can vote for the position of the main army general of the US.

There will always be positions open to corruption that cannot be touched by any ordinary civilian.

Democracy is something that only works if every involved leader listens to the wishes of those he/she leads and not grant wishes of those who pay him/her the most.
This is a big problem in a lot of countries.

yup those 2 bush and kerry are of the same blood, ts a fact. no matter which got into office the same outcome is most probable.
their also in the same clubs.

i completely beleive that 9/11 was a ploy to create a greater patriotism among america, and also a way for the citizens to give their rights.

bush is an atrocity, his family is even worse. when they die they will reside among the greatest deities in history.

i love my country its a very beautiful place, but my goverment,
i wouldnt even wipe my ass with that flag. i burn the flag. its trash.
the us goverment can do whatever, whenever to whomever it wants now, its “completely out of control” the judicial system is completely driven by the almighty dollar, every head that walks through the gate of a prison is worth 40 grand a year to the department of corrections here in missourri. so of course every judge is going to present them their cash cows.
our country is led by demons, and the blind masses approve.

i, personally, derive no small amount of glee from perceiving the overall unsustainability of this setup. at least we can rest easy in knowing it can’t go on forever. and the people who turn a blind eye to the problems that wrack this country will be paid measure for measure for choosing their creature comforts and apathy over acknowledging that their excesses are going to lead to ruin. convenience is the drug that the american system offers in exchange for complete complacency. the suburban lifestyle is the principal misapprehension that will bleed the american way of life into intractability. at least in europe you can get on a train or bus not far from your house to come and go as you choose. when gas gets too expensive for people to buy, america’s suburbs will turn into desolate wastelands full of desparate people who can’t get to food and are still reeling with incredulity that their princely lifestyle has been unfairly taken from them (as though they were ever due to it in the first place), who starve because they can’t drive their suv to a grocery store that’s too far away to walk to and doesn’t have a mass-transit route to get to it…

“radical” thinking american residents are genuinely distraught at the way they perceive the rest of the world must be looking at the place they live. hence remarks like “i hate this country and what it stands for” by people on multinational forums. i like to think that many people in the world recognize that the class divisions in this country are at one of their peaks. a small number of wealthy individuals organize herds of republican zombies to fill the polls to vote their candidates into office, and the democratic party is really just a front to make it seem like their is a fair and balanced opposition to the republican power monopoly. the democrats can’t take three steps without shitting themselves and looking totally incompetent before the american populace. only about 10 percent of people in my age group went to vote during the last election ( i couldn’t cuz i’m french). no body cares enough to change anything here, and i feel genuinely sorry for the rest of the world, for in the troubling times that lie ahead for this country in the coming decades, many a knee-jerk reaction to try and salvage the lumbering monstrosity that is the american ideal, will be inflicted on nations who are unfortunate enough to have resources the US wants. and it is a sad paradox that the nations of this world who are perhaps solely in a position to stand in opposition to the US, are bound by moral strictures, more potent than this country’s, to avoid armed conflict and watch helpless.

god bless america. gesundheit.

There are plenty of alternative energy fuels that can be used. Specially for gasoline driven cars: biological oils that can be bought in the supermarket do great in a ratio of 50/50 (50% biological oil, 50% gasoline) if you know what engine parts to monitor for signals of refurbish- or polishment. You can even convert your engines to fully run on biological oils. It’s much cheaper as well!

In Europe there is a lot of progress on the market and in a few countries there are already gas-stations that serve these biological fuels and cars that run on it. Convertion can be done for 600 to 1200 dollars and the value is returned within a year.

The raising oil prices not only affects the fuel market, also the electric consumption market for some countries (electric powerplants that produce energy on gas).

Well, the voting results have proven that loads of people did not stood behind Bush and the government and currently this ratio seems even drastically less than it was during the elections.

It is evidence of what America truely stands for, but the US government does not stand for.
We have this problem in a lot of other countries as well.

The money drives people to a level that it deteriorates their way of proper functioning. So in this case:more money doesn’t mean better quality but actually results more on the contrary.

I have nothing agains Americans in particular.
I just hate the current governmental policy as they seem to fit character of a schizofrenic which cannot be relied on.

I mean in which other democratic country than the US can one be hold against his/her will for an undetermined period of time without trial?

The US government has ordered herself terrorism upon a plate like anyone would dial pizzahut for a large peperoni pizza, only terrorists will put anjovis upon it even when specifically asked not to, that’s the problem with terrorism :P. Another problem is you don’t know if the terrorist pizza delivery boy will ring at your door or someone else’s.
Anything else is practically the same including not exactly knowing when they appear.

Just wanna throw in a vote for the bike! Now that’s biological… plus it gives you exercise. And it’s cheaper. No drawbacks as far as I can see.

exactly what chord is bush playing in that photo?

I don’t know, but it sounds awful - unless he’s got special tuning.

Maybe he’s into avantgarde jazz?

yup, It sure ain’t country/western as expected from that ol texan…
and… it sounds awful over here aswell… :blink:

I really don’t understand how anyone can support Bush, but usually those people are the same ones who think there should be an anti-gay constitutional amendment, the same ones who think the bible (creationism) should be taught in science class, the same ones who are appalled at the idea of removing “under god” from the pledge and “god bless America” from political speeches, the same ones who think prayer should be re-instated in public schools, the same ones who think that the McCarthyism era wasn’t really that bad, the same ones who in private think that segregation isn’t necessarily a bad thing (the good 'ol boys), the same ones who think that tax cuts no matter who they’re for are always a good thing, the same ones who think that there should be less restrictions on businesses, the same ones who call peace activists “wackos”, the same ones who, again, privately, think that the U.S. could have won vietnam if it wasn’t for the hippies, and the same ones who think that burning the U.S. flag should be a felony. Oh yeah, also the same ones who think that tax dollars should pay religious-based shelters and missions and that political campaigning in churches is totally fine.

I guess I don’t really understand religious extremism. It’s people that would forgive their preacher over and over again for hiring prostitutes but think Clinton should have been impeached over Lewinsky. It seems, for this group of people, that as long as you say “god” a lot and make yourself sound like a preacher, like Bush has been sounding more and more like at every speech, you can be forgiven of anything–literally. It also seems that many Bush supporters don’t actually care if Bush lied, they want war, they think it’s patriotic, that it somehow strengthens the country. Maybe if they could step outside their religion for 5 seconds they’d see the similarities between the way the U.S. government uses religion to get more power and “the divine right of kings”. EDIT: Well, maybe that wouldn’t work either, if for no other reason than the fact that most Bush supporter religious-extremists don’t know enough about history to even know what the divine right of kings even was–they’re too busy claiming that fossils, and scientific progress, and liberalism are of the devil.

I think i can forgive preachers and priests for going to prostitutes more easily than forgiving them abusing little boys for their sick minded sexual pleasures.

Australia have just brought in these laws. Our current government is very US sympathetic and passionately Liberal. We have similar dis-information and apathy problems over here, largely because we are a relaxed culture and keen to shake off our Brittish past (only to replace it with a US infection).

Here, ASIO, our CIA/FBI, can arrest you without warrent or trial for an unspecified period because they suspect you to be a terrorist. Also, if you are here on a visa, then ASIO can now deport you for no publically given reason. We he had an American peace activitist here last month running seminars and he was sent home because he was consider a threat to the nation. Oh the levels… We also treat our refugees pretty awfully too.

The fuel issue is going to hit us very hard too, in some ways. Towns in Australia are a long long way apart from each other. By the time you Europeans have driven through three countries we’ve just gone down the road to get a beer! :lol: …Not having the fuel will mean that communities will really band together a lot more and become self sufficient. I live in rural Australia, which is much better than the resource hungry cities, and I can ride my bike everywhere I want to go around here (though my parents are 400ks away on the coast). I reckon there will be civial war in the cities if the fuel crisis is not addressed.

So while our government is going on about terrorism, we’re sitting here in little old Armidale wondering what the fuss is about. The future for us is paradoxical: both negative (fuel, war) and positive in what we can derive from community innovation. Change is certain.

btw, looks like Bushy is going for a G-major, but’s rather f****ed up and off by about a semitone…

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing. He concludes by saying: “Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in an accident”

“OH NO!” the President exclaims. “That’s terrible!”

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the president sits, head in hands. Finally, the President looks up and asks…

"How many is a Brazillion ??!

“Experts who have studied the US navy’s cetacean training exercises claim the 36 mammals could be carrying ‘toxic dart’ guns”…1577753,00.html

Who’s laughing now? f****ers……did=163&posts=5