The Catbox - I Wish La Would Fall Into The Ocean

What started as an attempt at dubstep, became something rather different. I would call it breakcore, with sub bass, at 140 bpm. so i guess that means it’s dubstep? Classifications aside i’d appreciate any feedback! It was all done in renoise.

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Good morning TheCatbox,

I’m not so familiar with dubstep, is this without melody? I think, your beat is screaming for a happy-blippy-chippy tune from a nice square signal sample played forwards, backwards and somehow synced to the beat.
I also listened to ConvictedConviction, much more addictive, the orchestra hit thing is good. The only thing this one needs is a loud and aggressive rap vocal (perhaps also distorted, chopped, glitched?). Perhaps you can get one from freesound project?

Greetz, kwd

nice tune, more dubstep than breakcore i’d say (not that it really matters), reminds me of boxcutter

verry nice

this track’s pretty cool, but your other track (conviction) is AMAZING! :o