The Cave 2005

hi all, just found an old animation i´ve done in 2005 on my external harddrive.
done during some tests with bones, animation, light, particles and stuff.

maybe intressting for someone. i remember that it was a lot of work and the rendering alone takes some weeks :)
music was done in cubase and one of the only tunes i´ve done in these years.

[the cave]( cave 2005.MPG)

only a few people have seen this so far, so i like to share it now.

hope someone enjoy it.


edit: just tested it with VLC right now


i get back to you when im see it… peace

nice work, especially the shrooms ;)

Nice one. Both music and animation. Started having a play about with Blender for the first time the other week. One hell of a lot too it and a bit above my head at the moment but interested stuff and good to know there are others also interested in a bit of animation.