The clock is not updated per line when entering ZTxx or ZLxx

Renoise 3.1.1 x64 W10 x64

I do not know if this matter is a forgetfulness or something that really works badly.

What happens:
The clock (top right) is always updated when changing lines in the pattern editor.
But if you enter a ZTxx or ZLxx effect, the clock is only updated when changing the pattern, but not when changing lines. Even if you clean all these parameters, it will not update per line.

This does not seem to affect the automation editor for BPM and LPB

The expected:
That the clock is always updated when changing lines, even if the parameters ZTxx or ZLxx exist.

Something related to this would be, if the API could have access to the clock data. It may be possible to build tools related to time, such as a time marker in the whole sequence, it would be very interesting.