The Clonating Of A Sample

I’d like that in the “Instrument Envelopes” window, there is a command that clones an existing sample and all its settings (Forward, Ping-pong or Reverse loop, Start and End loop points, tone, fine-tune, volume, and so on…), in to a sample empty slot belonging to the same instrument.

After having cloned the sample and assigned it to some keys, we can modify as much as one likes a few settings of the cloned sample, and use the A or B sample, simply pressing the respective keys.

Can’t you just clone the instrument? And use instrument A or B?

It’s simply a question of comfort, for practicality’s sake: I’d prefer cloning of a sample (and not of an instrument) because, rather than selecting repeatedly by the mouse the A or B instrument, I’d press simply the A or B key to play the A or B sample, without changing instrument.

In any case, how I clone an instrument?

In Renoise 1.5 you just hold ctrl and drag a sample in the instrument list into a new sample slot (Or rightclik slot and copy/paste). And its cloned.


And is there a way to clone a sample in Renoise 1.281?

Saving of Wav file Samples doesn’t store loop parameters. So, I need Renoise 1.5.