The Coffeeshop

Hey there - this is the virtual coffeeshop where you can come in, have a drink or two and talk about all the good stuff that happens in your life. Take this thread as an oasis of peace, freedom and unity. Whenever you feel good, come here and post the nice things that happened lately. Whenever you feel bad, come here and read what happened in your live when everything was good.

I’ll start - I had a great week last week. My boss was in brazil and so I had a lot of time to do my shit at work without being interrupted to do something else. Today, I am going to a biiig party with a lot of people and we’re going to celebrate all night long. I have 1-2 real friends and I am so glad, that I can rely on them. Life’s good, sometimes.

I realize on a daily basis that my girlfriend of six months is the love of my life :D

Oh, and I went on a sponsored mountain trip, including 2 nights in my own big room (with a bathtub) in a beautiful, but secluded hotel with the most amazing food I’ve had in my life!

Life’s good sometimes, in between the uncertainty of what directions to go.

I just found out that i now have a 3.8 gpa at the college I am attending! I have two teachers who behind my back talked to a scholarship foundation of sorts and recommended me to be awarded with a full ride (all my college paid for as well as spending money for rent and a car)… I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that I get it, cause I have been paying for my school via loans and it’s so expensive. It just surprised me when I recieved an email about this- I had no clue that my audio and video production teachers thought so highly of me. Now I have to figure out a way to thank them trying to help me out. Even if I don’t get the award, it is very motivating to know I have awesome support and makes want to keep working hard. It gives me a feeling of gratification. Any suggestions on what I should do for them? I know one of them is trying to pull for grants to get some new gear for the school studio… so I’m trying to figure out a way to see if I can give them a shove, maybe try and find who they go to for grants and write a letter to support this I suppose.
That and I am talking to an ex GF whom I had done wrong to while I was being a bad human has decided to speak to me after talking to a mutual friend and hearing about how well I’m doing and how much i’ve changed. She called me and we made some ammends and plan on hanging out really soon. That had been bugging me for a long time and I’m happy to know that she has forgiven me for being an absolute crazy asshole to her. I’m going to try and do something special for her too. I’m just happy to be her friend.

Well that’s my good stuff- I hadn’t really added all this up until writing this here. Thanks!

well, i will have vacation in a couple of weeks and i can visit my brother who is studying in the UK… :)

I met this girl - she is really cute and I hope that we will fall in love. If not, it’s bad but on the other hand, it doesn’t matter. I am going to visit a producer here and we’re gonna make some stuff together.

The other good news for today is, I do not have to perform live at the Loveparade - but afterwards in a tiny little club in Berlin. (Where I am gonna meet a bunch of people)

3rd - I am searching for a new job (PHP/MySQL) and it seems very positive that I get a job in an advertising company where I can get creative (soundflash etc.) and so on.

Oh and AFAIK, Renoise is respected more and more at professional producers

In a few weeks I will go to a party of some people who are giving up their flat to move into different directions, and this is the first time that someone came especially to me asking me to DJ with my records and my laptop. First time that ever happened, so far I was the backup that was allowed an hour at four o’clock or something.

its not a huge party, but I am happy about that.

Thats really cool Louis, i hope it will work out for you! :yeah:

I just decided to sell my brand new tv. And I think that’s a good thing. Seriously, there is nothing good on it. Nothing at all. And still sometimes I sit in front of it hour after hour surfing from channel to channel while drooling all over myself (well not literally). But really, it has become a one bigass lobotomy-device :P

And with the money I get from that tv - I’m gonna buy new speakers! Rocketyrock!

I’m not dead yet!

That’s definetly high on my list too!

go for gold

television is the root of all evil

I’ve been clean for 6 years :P

umm…good stuff…everything is cruising along and i’m never in shortage of anything. Some could say cant complain, I would go further than that and say must rejoice.


Same here, plan on staying that way for a while!

Amen to this… I’ve got friends who come over and get bored real quick cause there’s no tv. Give me renoise, or a cool album, or a great book and I’m sorted.

Good things eh? I played drums live for about 500 people last week, and it went fantastic. I got so into, the physical energy of it, I played better than I ever did at practice. I couldn’t even drum at all 12 months ago!

Oh and a few friends and I are starting ‘electronica dance band’ with all live instruments (me on guitar) - we are so funky. We’re working on tightening it up rhythmically so we can do 3 hour parties and give everyone the good funk vibe. It’s real new leaf for me because usually my music is so dark and industrial.

I just gave my bedroom/bomb shelter a much, much needed clean…

now I’ve got room to walk in and out without without jumping over things and the air is no longer dust soup :D

(note for laurence, its now jamming-safe :P)

i finally get some free time to listen to music :)

I am ill, currently. That’s better than it might sound but at work, I have so much stress and so, this cold I have is some sort of free holidays :) I was at a party from my old school on saturday. I had a lot of beer, cola and whisky and the girl that used to be my first girlfriend 16 years ago (we were 12, then) came to me and made me an offer, I cannot refuse:

“Marc, did you know although we know each other so long, we never had sex, we have to change that very soon”

Well, guess where I am gonna be the next few days :) Life can be good sometimes… *g

hmm. after posting that with my first girlfriend I am missing that viagra-threads :)

i just saw what marc stands for in your sig and that post im quoting… so i put two and two together and now im wondering… is that marc abbreviation stand for your “little guy” :unsure:

Thats cool, one thing less that you regret when you are old and dying. :D

LOL - okay, I just pwned! myself…