The Custom Lfo Animation Is Very Slick...

…but at my resolution (1024 x 768) as it pops out you can’t fully see it unless you scroll. Should it automatically focus itself?

Not a massive ‘bug’ I know :P

Alright Skunky. Been a while since we spoke eh…

(w0rmj@r here… I dont use that name anymore)

I totally agree with you on this one.

The DSP plugs are getting pretty long now…

I would find that super annoying, as you then have to “refocus” the mouse again: Have to think a moment “where you are”.

Oh! I thought you’d died or something :ph34r:

I see what you mean. The reverse is also true: if you close the custom envelope your mouse looses focus :D

edit: that’s only when the scroll bar is totally at the end.

if there was a way to just “collapse” the plugs in the dsp chain that you’ve already set up so they dont take up as much horizontal space, that would be really cool too. these new plug ins are great, but they are a little “long”.

You can still go to the mixer if you desire collapsed plugs.