The Darkness.. A New Song

Here is something new. I put quite a bit of time and effort into this, and as a result I feel like there are some really cool things here. This one is created entirely with samples… a first for me. The sound mostly piano… with drums and a sample that I took from an old radio show ( a horror story called ‘the darkness’ can be found as part of a Halloween show on

The ending is somewhat abrupt… and overall it is pretty long


(I tagged it and named it as suggested in a previous thread)

Also… I just noticed for some reason (probably the sample rate) it doesn’t play right in the flash player… so download it to hear it properly

whoa, that was intense!

I like how the drums kick in every once in a while and seem to almost go into another section. But then the piano and dub come back and the static-like glitch takes over again. Very unpredictable.

This track (like a few others of yours that I’ve listened to) always has me reaching over to my mixing board and checking my whole audio rig to see if there’s a bad cord or something wrong with my system! I fall for it every time!

The ending is quite appropriate and true to the Mr. Cold style.

This track is really interesting. It tells a story and the arrangement supports it greatly. Worth hearing collage!

thanks for listening!

I gotta say I really like the piano. Have you heard Alexander Scriabin? Personally I would have liked the song to have been (that is if I had made it :D) less breakcoreish and more playing around with some weird bassy sounds, but this noisy breakcorechaos-thing is more your style.
I like the breakdown at the end too, lots of different stuff going on, the chorus thing (if that’s what it is) could’ve continued quietly in the background all theway to the end with the eerie piano carrying it to the end, but the piano alone does create a really…well, eerie, peaceful atmosphere.

Keep up the great work :D Before you posted this I was actually waiting for you to post something new, I really like your style.

thanks :)

and yes… I do know Scriabin :) (well… not personally)