The Demosongs On The Renoise V.1.8

Wow :eek:

Some of those songs… Wow. I make drum and bass, and I do appreciate all styles of music, but just looking at some of the programming that was done. Just looks like I’m going to have to put in a lot of work to reach the level of knowledge of that prog as a lot of you guys are.

Big up yourselves.

Check the song forum for some serious quality rns + xrns action. We have some very talented sonic sculptors around here.

I think the k303 track is pretty good, but the others (including the new one) need some attention with the mixing and mastering, imho. Sure, there are impressive flourishes of technique, but do we want new Renoisers taking an overdriven sound and debatable EQing to be ‘the standard’? Surly we could also be leaders in this regard, giving new users insight into how effortless it is to create a ‘solid and clean mix’?

OF course, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the interesting songs too.

Yeah. The mixdowns on some of then could use a bit of touching up, but I’m really into the ideas of the songs. I sure stuff that I heard would have taken ages on a traditional daw sequencer. I’m headed over to the song forum now.

Yeah I noticed that there is a hell of a lot of programming in those tracks too.

I would like to learn all that, but I find that I just learn the features that I actually use and work from there. If I want to do something that I dont know, usually there is a feature and something in the manual. If not I come on here and make a request!

I might get into the hardcore tracking this evening…


specially like the newest demo song… though i wish it was longer… so i kinda started to remix it just for learning purpose… that tune rrrrrrocks. :dribble:

i hope there will be a demo song that uses (lead) vocals.

or you can make it quick and just do stuff that sounds good like normal people.

you cant see the code when you listen to it at your mates house on his hifi.

the pattern programming doesn’t get complicated as a badge of programming prowess. ultimately, being able to properly execute your ideas is the measure of success in writing music. if you have complex ideas, odds are your code will be more complicated.

i don’t think people purposely make tracking more difficult for themselves, and make bad music as a result. :lol:

and though you can’t see code when you listen to music, i think that an elegantly executed track will have a more harmonious presence.
with regards to being daunted by the complexity of the demo songs, I hope that you’re not scared away by it. I’ve been using renoise for about 3 years (though I’ve been tracking for about 12 years) and I can attest that you reach a point where the code becomes largely transparent to you. just try to keep your mind on what you are trying to do with the music, use the program to perform your music as efficiently as possible and eventually stuff like sample-offset and gating parameters become second nature.

personally i don’t understand why people would prefer to write drum and bass and breakbeat music any other way (besides trackers I mean)

Totally agree with this statement.

I’m not scared away. It’s just looking at what all went into making the music. For example “Reconstruction of the untouched” by keith303. I really like that tune, and Just looking at what all went into it, well it really goes with what you just wrote earlier:

And I have some crazy ideas myself, but being able to execute them will be the challenge.

Yeah, I do like the program, just have to keep myself from turning my head sideways just so I can look at the sequence like I would with a horizontal based (i.e. non tracker like sequencer).

Oh well.