The Doubtful Guest - Electrobotz (plugexpert Rmx)

Hello internetters, have some plugexpert tunes,

milanese - vanilla monkey (plugexpert unfinished rmx):…finished%29.mp3

the doubtful guest - electrobotz (plugexpert rmx):…%20remix%29.mp3

greetings from holland,


vanilla monkey remix… RUFF!! if you continue this direction, it can
only mean more massacre. which is good. :)

electrobotz remix, starts awesome, has a great vibe and flow and
remains very fresh, but perhaps the middle part could use a bit more
variaty. later on, you pick up a f****ing great groove and I can’t wait
for it to go on, but it doesn’t.

awesome stuff, can’t wait to hear the final results!

Cheers for the listen & response Botb!

The electrobotz remix is finished actually, so I’m not touching that one again. I hear you on the middle (amen) part, it doesn’t sit right in the mix, though can be easily touched up with fader adjustments or some distortion :) but I’m lazy

The vanilla monkey remix is shaping up brutally, will post when finished.



vanilla monkey rmx is funny but not my cup…
however i luv your electrobots rmx even more. your 303-twists are addictive. smasher-parts beginning at 0:46 till 2:14. it breaks a bit into a “classical dnb-ish mashup” (~2:50) but then again a very nice outro starts at 3:20.
overall: killa- track

thnx engine!

was working on another remix today, more housy speed bubbling thingy;…%20remix%29.mp3

ql! nice use of this kalimba/marimba- sound. around 1:30, it becomes very interesting by that ‘prepared piano’ in the background. at the end theres a nice ‘schizophrenic mood’. but i would slower the bpm/speed to acquire more swing [EDIT: or even a bit faster]. its not easy to get that headnod- feeling at 4/4.
i think its worth finishing.
and thanks for sharing

dude finish that vanilla monkey mix, that sounds great!!