The Dream Last Night

i had a dream last night: B)

i was using linux renoise in my dream with… My Brain! :dribble:

in this dream i was tired and i set my head down on the keyboard.

all the sudden i heard a theremin-like sound send into my head. it started at the low end and went up until it topped off at the frequencies my cochlea could interpret. (or that’s what i gathered) then it did something i could only describe as ‘danced around in the digitally’ for a bit and then gave me the control!

i was triggering samples with my MIND!!!
using my memory of the sound of that theremin-like signal as a basis of control.
just had to think the sound to trigger through the samples.

i didn’t retain the lucidity long enough to program any patterns (i was trying)
i was making new empty patterns to record into.

i noticed divx clip instructions in the pattern editor too.

  • Renoise. its what dreams are made with. :walkman:

so what?

aren’t you already using the mind controller function?

how do you think I made all of my tracks?


I’m sure you can get some kind of sound out of renoise when you keep on banging your head to the keyboard.

There is a way to partially make that dream come true…

I have a (somewhat hidden) youtube demonstration in my cue that demonstrates Akoff Music composer.
Though i use the wave output from Renoise as source-input for the application but you can also just pick your ordinary mic-in as source.

It does not work on Linux though, but you can sing whatever you desire in your microphone and AkOff attempts to recognize the note sequence and translates this to MIDI data which you can send back to Renoise using Midi Yoke.
Not the same as transferring your thoughts to it, but it comes pretty close.

Another good method of transferring your brain activity onto the pattern editor is to use your microphone as a sketchpad.

Once you get the hang of beatboxing/humming/singing your way through a track, you can layer the stuff down as a “pre-comp” and “trace” over your vocals using proper instruments. It’s very easy to get a couple of minutes of well-composed melodies form this method.

This method is analogous to the way a painter does a pencil sketch on canvas before s/he paints.

Just remember, if you control something physical with your mind, like your hands, body, mouth or larynx, that’s pretty much telekinesis. We already manipulate our physical world with our minds.

Some artists tap their beats on on a table with their fingers and later trace them as described here.