The Fail Thead

A little piece of me died today when I read of the existence of XRNS, a music tracker format that uses XML. A music tracker format that uses XML! Can you imagine? If you can’t, Google for “filetype:xrns” to find plenty of samples.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  
<renoisesong doc_version="10"><br>
	<artist>By Somebody</artist><br>

And on it goes. It’s difficult to articulate why this feels so heretical. It’s like those old MOD/tracker formats were designed to be so pure, so efficient. This completely destroys that. Now your playback engine has to carry the baggage of a full XML parsing library.

There are elements of the FFmpeg development team that would enjoy seeing the program grow to be able to handle all the various tracker-type formats (myself included, obviously). It’s not going to be pretty when XRNS collides with FFmpeg.

![]( M_A_BEE MOTHERFUCKER_by_LEGOguy89.jpg)

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