The First Trance Track, I've Made In 3 Years..

Hi Guys,

I’m happy to share with you, the first trance track I’ve made in three years. Its produced totally in Renoise. It was, “home brew mastered,” in Reaper. Its mixed using all Renoise native effects. Its two synthesizers are Rapture, and Z3ta… (Z3ta is brand new to me. lol, I just bought it yesterday. Actually, its amazing. My track was pretty much done, but Cakewalk has been having a sale, and I was always interested in using Z3ta, but its a PC only synth. Well, recently, I switched PC, and actually… I’m happy… And I figured, “its Z3ta time.”

All sound design done by me. Drums = rapture, gated saws and pulse wave = rapture, waveshaped arp = Z3ta. Music theory behind it all = jazz

Its very interesting for me. About three years ago, the gated community in Florida, that I was living in at the time, started to notice that I produced music. So, before you know it, I had people at my doorstep asking for hip hop beats. Its here, where I started my break from trance production, and about a year, year and half later, I took a major break from music production altogether. This is because, as an artist, music production can take a lot out of you, it takes a lot of time, work, energy, and although I love music, I really needed a rest. Although, I did play a lot of guitar, during my production break, so… I didn’t really, “forget music.”

The hip hop thing, was very interesting though, cause it gave me some insight, into a lot of the things I must do, when I become ready again to try and produce other artists… Anyways… Coming back to music production is like a dream! The technology has already changed again, and its mindblowing… 64 bits? omfg, how amazing is this stuff!

Renoise = Zen


(aac 13 megabyte file)