The Future Is Here... Again

Ubisoft are launching a camera peripheral for the Wii that purports to offer the same “style” of interaction.

Frankly, i think Natal is bullshit. Even if the tech works it’s still bullshit. I don’t want nothing like this from games. High five, MS and science guys, on effectively removing physical feedback and the sense of touch from your user experience. Respect to Sony for A: Basing themselves on proven, solid technology and B: Keeping a user’s fingers in touch with a responsive surface.

I already ranted at length about this at giantbomb, so if you care about my extended opinion of the bullshitry of Natal as tech (i’ve done mocap and mocap data cleaning with way more hi-fi data than the Natal can possibly supply, and oh boy…) AND as “vision of the future”; it’s all over there

Give me force feedback buttons and sticks already you lazy scientist cunts. Reintroduce the pressure sensitive buttons. Add more rumble packs. Give us HD physical response through our fingertips. As a near idiotically obsessive gamer since the Amiga 500, methinks MS are barking up the wrong tree.

I read your other rant sunjammer, and I have to say, if it were stereo cameras (which it’s not), the motion detection would be absolutely horrible… they’re claiming however, that this system can detect individual finger movements from across a room. This is because they’re using an infrared projector that provides an instantanious 4th channel depth map to the entire scene.

Whether or not their claims regarding the depth resolution are accurate however, is beyond me. I guess we’ll see when the tech is released?

Also, perhaps the follow-up tech can be slimmer than hell force feedback gloves!!! There would be less need for gear to be attached to the gloves because the actual controller would be sitting atop the TV.

The biggest issue I see with Natal is in regards to blocking. It’s got sight that’s entirely limited by whatever is in front of it. Note the lack of coffee tables in every Natal demo and commercial. This would be horrible for many multiplayer games, as who knows how your characters would act if you stand behind another player.

Nodody mentioned how exhausting is to play that way :D :D :D

I think that’s half the point… the biggest selling game last christmas wasn’t Rockband… it was Wii Fit. They were out of it everywhere. Seems people want games that will get them into shape ;)

No, Nintendo just finally managed to get girls to buy a console: Wii.
Every guy I know who owns a Wii, got one because the lady had a say in it.
Well, that’s not true… one of those guys is 12 years old. But he’s the only
one who DOESN’T own WiiFit.

Have you seen Emily from Image Metrics? guess it’s somewhat similar to Natal(?)

I like Natal as it allows you to control the TV without a remote, just like the Opera browser has mouse gestures, Natal could have hand gestures :dribble: maybe I prefer voice recognition… hmm hmm

Just bring it all, thanks! :rolleyes:

That’s beside the point… it’s still a huge demographic… and it’s one that Microsoft is about to cash in on. Wii Fit was sold out in most places in October '08, 3 months before Christmas. Everywhere I went, they were answering practically before I even asked “no, we don’t have wii fit” … if this isn’t market demand, I don’t know what is.

True, I went to a store looking for wiifit around mid-may '09 for a birthday present and it wasn’t around. I didn’t scour or anything close but if that were the case I would have just hit googleshopping.
WiiYoga or whatever it’s called looks fun though. woukld recommend it for anyone’s significant other. :D

It’s a cool concept, but once again… microsoft is just stealing ideas from other people.

Well, that’s just based on your own speculations.

I worked in GAME over christmas last year…if i had a penny for every time someone asked for a wii fit…
Nintendo DS were also in big demand, with the brain training. It’s a market for convenient self improvement.
(Although, brain training was proved to be a farce…suckersssssssss) :wacko:

My speculations which are based on real-world market trends, which Moss just backed up completely, yes. Obviously Microsoft is well aware of these market trends… and obviously you… are not.

Might I add, I’ll personally be overjoyed when the era of the powergamer dies.

ikamasutra FTW! :D

I have a friend who calls the Wii “The One Week Console”. He claims that nobody uses Wii after playing with it for one week.

actually, thats a valid point.
Imagine being able to have sex, across the Atlantic…or old people logging in, using sexy avatars, and having sex online with whoever they get paired up with. Be it a 18 year old geek, or a 92 year old woman in an old peoples home.
the future is gonna be so good.

Well some games are really nice… i happen to be playing Disaster for the second time.
And me and my GF are playing NFS Undercover occasionally.

I didn’t like that i had to cash out to buy two classic game controllers in order to play NFS nicely.
The Natal eye seems a lot more responsive, but the using Wii controller for driving games is crap.

Most games on the Wii (mostly 3rd party games) don’t do to well on driving games.
But I don’t know if you ever played Mario Kart.
I was really suprised how good it played, and even thought, for the first time, an accessoiry (in this case the steering wheel) was a good thing while it prevents you to steer to rough.

I don’t see proof, the world is bigger than your own backyard, kiddo ;)
Why would you be overjoyed if the powergamer dies? What’s your gain?
Rid my of my ignorance, oh Lord of Commerce!

I said I’d be glad when the ERA of the powergamer died… not the powergamer him(her)self. I don’t see an issue with powergaming… I’m just tired of it driving the market… or should I say, the market driving powergaming. The market strives to make powergaming popular so they can sell the biggest and best systems… so the energy drink companies can stay in business… so Blizzard can continue charging outrageous monthly fees for WoW. It’s madness imo. Video Games are addictive enough without having corporations telling us we should be playing them all the time.

I don’t blame the powergamer in the slightest. That said, the assholes who spend all their time “pwning noobs” need to get a life and start playing against people a bit closer to their own skill level.

ANYWAY, enough rant.

Sony’s counter-product to Natal: