The Future Of Live Computer Music

check this
its a headset that reads brainwaves and manipulates computers
imagine having one of these set up to control renoise :w00t: :walkman:
you can download the sdk and its written in c++
ive had a quick go but without the headset its useless
anyone got a spare $299 to give me ;)
i need one

what are your thaughts on this device?

The future is beginning!
I saw a documentary maybe 10 years ago about this kind of stuff. The purpose was to drive a boot with.
Imagine if you were tetraplegic…
I’m just affraid of what could the army do with that. <_<

Could be great also for painting. ^_^

im sure the army already has something way better than that
yes it would be great for anything creative
hopefully one day it will be at the point where you can just record the tunes in your head straight onto your hd
i actualy wouldnt mind buying one, if i save up enough, but its only available in the US for some strange reason

I saw this a while ago and thought of music. Honestly though, it’s simply an interface which figures out based on brainwave changes where you want shit to move, etc… it would take a lot (read: quite possibly years) of programming with EACH user to make it synthesize complex sounds like voices from scratch (ie: waveform level). It would work fairly quickly with controlling parameters on existing softsynths though… but then, you can do all that with knobs just as easy :P

I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one though, if only to see if I could code a brain-synth that let me hear exactly the sounds I was thinking of.

Lot’s of concentration and training, which on it’s own is very beneficial. I would probably enjoy working with it. I watched a video a couple months ago with a guy using it or a previous model to turn on a television.

Translation of music happening in our mental plane to a physical or material form here is really far away though. I think this stuff is really going to open up the abilities of our motor cortex though, possible combinations/pairing of areas, something like Dr. Octopus is highly likely.

I want to see some devices based on analog random number generators, as I’ve read some research on this subject that with proper training it is possible to focus a correct outcome.