The Future Of Marketing

“marketing” means “selling fresh air” each day more.

And they are really meaning it now:

the original genius

the compulsory porno clone

the innovator

the consequence of free market


Think this was the first copycat:

The Million Penny Homepage

Found these these two aswell:

The Million Quarter Webpage

Pixels Buy The Dozen


I’m working on “The 1 BILLION Dollar Homepage” where each pixel is $100,000 and I expect to be rich in no time! See you later suckers…

argh, why does my browser keep on forgetting to auto-log me in :wacko:
the business model in the post above is of course patented by marc

marc: damn I was talking with a friend of mine about this 1,000,000$ page and I had exactly your same idea about a 1,000,000 samples song!

hehe simple minds think alike :)