The Future Of The Acid Sound

do you really think that the acid house/techno sounds still going to be popular in the future [a year or two]?
i feel like ever since people started using the 303 retrospectively, and now with the various software emulations, it became an important part of the techno sound.
however im kind of getting tired of hearing that same sound, it feels like people have already recycled it a bunch of tiimes already… it ends up owning the song more than the artist himself…
your thoughts pls?

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I am bored as f**k by a 303 for a number of years now. The last interesting album I heard focusing on the 303 was Funkstörungs “Return to the Acid Planet”. I think the sound of a 303 is really limited and has just been overdone in those past decades.

I always assosiate the 303 with Norman Cook, mainly because of the tune “Everybody Needs a 303”.

Is it popular now? :)

I like the 303 work on the Plastikman records. I don’t think the sound is necessarily dead. Its common usage as a squelchy monophonic bassline is pretty stale. I tend to prefer FM for this.

I think acid will always be around. there are alot of places to take it,it’s acid after all! it’s like anything else, if you use an instrument in the same way, or in a way to sound like somebody else’s use of it, it’s gonna be stale I guess. seems to be the reasoning behind all the 303 clones, hardware or vst, people should spend their knowledge and energy coming up with something new. maybe on that level the music would move forward as well.

303 is a great sequencer too, I love syncing them to renoise and controlling other synths with them. :)

I think it will be enormously popular =) Now that the hellish age of awful latency and sh*t plug-ins seems somewhat overysh I think it’s safe to say that some people will get their 303 clones rollin’ … Good acid is allways (one of) the most rewarding (styles of dance music) on dancefloor… =)

The future of acid sound is in my pants.

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The future of acid is whatever you make it… just ask Aphex Twin… his entire body of work was based around taking acid house to the next level.

I dunno really, to me the 303 sound is more about the effects of cutoff/resonance tweaking than the actual sound of the thing. People were quick to start circuit bending 303’s to stretch it. The actual circuitry of the synth itself is really, really simple stuff, you can probably build something that produces the same sound (sans sequencer) with parts from any diy synth kit, and probably with midi, and probably better.

So to me i don’t think the 303 really has that much to do with the acid sound as much as it merely kicked it off. Hard acid still gets me going good if it’s not just super squeaky high resonance stuff randomly tweaked over an 808.

Just for laughs, here’s a janky acid joke i made that probably breaks every prerequisite i just described. Because it’s always fun to play around with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…ot_dominion.mp3

AWWWWWWW… anyone checked this out???

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AWWWWWWW… anyone checked this out???

damn might have to buy that, sounds pretty good and nice to have an alternative to phocusyn</0x00005628513db5b0>

The 303 has been declared dead so many times in the last 20 years I’m getting more tired from the discussion whether it’s overused than the sound itself. <_<

I don’t use my 303 in every track, but it will stay a regular ingredient for my music. It doesn’t always have to be the upfront sound though: in one of my latest tracks ( ) I’ve just filtered it to death but it’s THERE, you know. :lol:


This is the first 303 emu that plays the reso highs and cutoff lows correctly =)

Best ever 303 emulation =)

And gotta say that because of this plug the future of acid sound seems bright :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: