The Future of Trackers [2024 round]

Renoise should totally get on this and design an interface and hardware tailored to it. Like
Push for Renoise. Now there’s a thought.

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I thought the computer keyboard WAS the hardware controller for Renoise!

Although a standalone Renoise-in-a-box device would be totally cool.


Hah, a good point. I guess some of the workflow - requires a mouse - though Renoise is far more hands-on than other sequencers when you get up to speed with even a few of the key commands. But the appeal of the hardware box is still big for me. I spend most of my days bashing around on a keyboard so it’s nice to take the attention away from the computer sometimes. I’ve just been having fun with my Novation Circuit to confirm that is the case :smiley:

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Amazing. These machines will hype Renoise.
I wanted to buy polyend tracker but after watching the video and reading the specs i will keep my op-z.


this polyend device does look cool. i always thought something like the Fairlight MFX3 would make an awesome hardware controller for Renoise.



Would be nice to see some nice demos of Polyend Tracker.

Maybe some day…

It is unlikely at the moment, everybody they have given prototypes to is a bleep bloop modular guy that has little experience in tracking, or some ‘influencer’ that doesn’t really understand tracking either.

you sure now? Bogdan Raczynski has a unit, and so does Tim Koch and so does Travis “Machinedrum” Stewart.

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I don’t understand. Can’t you use a notebook and Renoise?

For sure.
Would be an interesting experiment to find a dedicated 8-track capable notebook, audio, midi, Renoise, wavetable/granular vst maybe , jogwheel maybe, kind of portable bundle for the price.

Not really a fan, but OK, where are their demo videos of it ?

You would struggle to find a notebook that would only do 8 tracks in Renoise and actually still run the software, My Chromebook runs Renoise very slowly in terms of the UI, but it still plays nearly all of the demo songs without audio glitches.
Lets get back to reality anyway…
Renoise $80
S/H $100 Ebay laptop (Hell add $50 and get any lower tier laptop new)
S/H $100 Ebay USB interface
Done, half the price, about ten times the power, and the ability to run a whole slew of other stuff.

Anybody who ever tries to compare this to Renoise on a pound for pound basis has either never used Renoise (Or any other tracker) or they are just trying to bolster their own GAS for wanting this thing.
Personally I want it and I know it is utter shit compared to Renoise.


Polyend Tracker is mad interesting.


Would be nice if Renoise was open source so somebody could do a build for Raspberry Pi; bet it would run nice on there. Don’t think the normal Linux version would work without tweaks, would it?

I’d say that it would have to be specifically compiled for the ARM architecture.

That’s what i was thinking as well


I think this puts thing in perspective in an interesting way, but “Power” isn’t the only thing to consider when talking about a music making tool/device. I don’t think it’s fair to say Polyend tracker is “utter shit” because it’s not as powerful as Renoise.

There will always be a market for powerful music making software like Renoise and other DAW’s, but feature limited, purpose designed grooveboxes and music making machines and controllers (Elektron boxes,MPC’s, Polyend tracker, Roland’s 808,707, 303 etc etc etc. and even things like the Ableton Push) are their own thing that can add up to more than the sum of their parts when well designed.

I have an Octatrack and “on paper” it’s pretty shitty compared to a laptop with Renoise. But the workflow and functionality together make it a really engaging and fun to create music on… more like an instrument. I would never stop using DAW’s but… my Octatrack gets a lot of use.



First 100 units will be sold 350$/