The Gathering is a ministry of evangelism... :

The Gathering/USA is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and missions opportunities… :o

You should try updating the link on the newspage to :lol:

:o :ph34r: YES PLEASE :P :lol: :lol:


… chuckle … snort … chortle … smirk … :rolleyes: :lol: :P




…so that’s where my registering fee went… :wacko:

Which events are you sponsoring?.. “The Ohio Prayer Breakfast” or perhaps the “Men’s Ministry Training (Capturing a Man’s Heart, Life & Family)” :lol: :D

Yes Guest, that was an amaaazing link error, very funny to discover that The Gathering had it’s site redesigned haha…

This text taken from
“Most of this effort is geared for years to men but in 2000 we began a Gathering of Women.”
That caught my attention straight away, and got me thinking of taking the trip to Oslo again. So look at me now, pretty dissapointed.


woah, an institution which just ignores one half of the human race for 2000 years just sucks. support feminism.

you always forget us aliens and everything we do for you (like, for example, make you rich if you are Steven Spielberg)


I’m sorry?

I get flammed for making a genuine mistake yet this post is aloud to stay in general discuccion?

I detect hierarchy favourtism again…

and after all them angry faces…
:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Oh well… IMHO (at least the start of) this topic wasn’t really off topic, since it was related to our webpages. So “general discussion” was as good as any. ;)