The Grand Vst?

Does anyone uses Steinberg’s The Grand VST with Renoise?

I’m planning to acquire it but really don’t know if it’ll work correctly. Any similar suggestions for a high-quality acoustic piano?

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I tested it with Renoise, you need alot of Ram, 512 is not enough if you want to use it with some other vsti’s…
It seems that you should also have a pedal, since from what I found out you cannot change the release in the vsti without a pedal…

I use edirol orchestral piano sounds, I think they sound good enough…Though a Pro would probably prefere The Grand or Samples in Kontakt, Halion or Sampletank 2 etc…

The Grand is quite good, but this is the very best:

PMI Bosendorfer 290 Plug-In


default sustain padel commands are:

90 407F <- On

90 4000 <- Off

I’ve tried The Grand VSTi and Steinway B (Gigasampler), they’re both astonishing. IMHO The Grand have a clearer sound and uses less CPU than Steinway’s, but it’s quite essential to have a fast HD, loads of memory and a (good) pedal.

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[D’oh! I read over Pysj’s reply :lol: ]

I recently bought the Bösendorfer 290, maybe you should check that out as well:…Bösendorfer+290

It’s 24-bit samples weigh in at around 4 gigabytes (!) and come on a DVD-ROM. Once installed you get a specialised version of NI Kontakt (which you can use either stand-alone or loaded as an VSTi).

The Bösendorfer 290 has an encredible range and subtlety. Before this I had the Gigasampler Gigapiano (1/4th the size) and this one blows it out of the water. It’s price is pretty amazing too.

Post Piano have a huge array of demos, so you can see if it fits your taste:…Bösendorfer+290

I for one am encredibly pleased with it, though I haven’t really bought it to use in a track, just as an wonderful digital piano (the hardware digipianos are never based on such huge sampledata B) )

i feel so inferior using a Steinway Grand 30mb soundfont hehe… it was free off the net. and another i use is the mda piano vsti. can anyone post a sample tune by one of those huge pianos? i would like to hear how good it is.