The Great Vinyl Debate

few words from dnb legend DJ Hype

Could not agree more. Very well said!

As traditions are handed down from one youthful generation to the next, to some it’s art, to most people however it is a plague that never ends.

My first (and only) record on vinyl I ever bought was…

Ghostbusters Soundtrack. :yeah:

…in New York. That is all.

It’s sad. But of course we understand that if there’s no profit then they can’t go on for ever.
I got Traktor scratch a year ago to be able to play the latest tracks because of vinyl releases quickly stopped for the hardtechno genre about 2 years ago. It’s cool as hell and makes things kind of the same, but it will never be as fun or cool as messing around in a bag of vinyls trying to find your next tune in the mix. The labeling, the smell.
Many old things do die, but i believe vinyl will have some kind of up swing later on. Pure underground but still - the real deal. :walkman:/>

“We are the world” from USA for Africa :P

No not quite true actually… let’s say… in the 80’s it was still quite expensive to buy CD’s (they already did existed) and vinyl was still an everyday deal back then.
But as a kid i didn’t got much money from my parents to be able to buy records often.
They did though…

i was about to troll this thread and then i didn’t! omg! go me!

vinyl is dead , long live the cassette :)

they let sounds last a long time.

A guy I know (do you know him too?) that works in a record and book store told me most of the people that come in to buy vinyl are like 45-55 maybe. They are buying pink floyd and hendrix etc. Kids out the house, a bit of money and bored because of that, reminiscing, whatever they are doing with it. Enough the store started up a small section of new (reissue) vinyl. Electronic music, though, nah, exempting old 80s electro-rap.

Haha, i watched that movie just the other day, funny coincidence :D

The zombie in Warm Bodies collects records because they sound “more alive,” my thought is that when everyone had to have a record contract everything sounded “more corporate…”

It’s all taste, really.

hheh there is a lot of undiscovered sample based music, like jungle scene is based on funk, soul and 80’s 90’s pop music witch comes from muuurica or UK, same as kool old techno records based on german pop, electronic music, now we have good access to worldwide vinyl records which our grandparends is hiding in their closets… and booom! a lot of stuff you cant find on internet, and it makes kind of unique work when you sample some polka crap with octoberfest hits 3000 and blast it with amen break : DDD
Just imagine what Mr. hype would do if he had bunch of soviet synthpop records or vinyls with soviet synth made FX for movies : D
everybody just recreate same things just around and around but with different point of wiew.
Internet had killed the music a long time ago, so thats why people is digging out some dusty records and old analogue synths, because there is some things left, what you cant make with massive vst :D