The Group Buy + Offer Thread.

(00.1) #121

Audio Damage’s new mono synth.

$39 introductory price until September 4th, 2014.

$49 normal price after that date.

(Denim) #122

nice bargain: “Plug & Mix” VIP Bundle bargain foronly $49. (usually $249). Limited to 5000 users.

I was tempted and went for it right away, of 45 plugins there’s got to be something useful, and I like the GUis :slight_smile:

(Ledger) #123

Another free Groove3 month pass posted on KvR:

(Ledger) #124

Pluginboutique are having a 50% sale on Samplemagic`s Magic AB plugin:


Gives you a few more features than my toggle reference track tool , with being able to scrub the visual waveform and load 9 wavs + peak/rms meters for level matching.

Had to pick it up :slight_smile:

(Ledger) #125

That time of the year again, sharpen your elbows for Black Friday!

George from DiscoDSP is doing his usual super helpful Black Friday thread:

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That time of the year again, sharpen your elbows for Black Friday!

George from DiscoDSP is doing his usual super helpful Black Friday thread:

Quick Bump for Black Friday weekend,

loads of deals in the thread there now.

(Ledger) #127


Ik Multimedia giving away the Opto comp from T-Racks this week,

An oldie but still a goodie I`d say:

(Ledger) #128

FAW Circle 2

Last day at audiodeluxe $19.95

(Ledger) #129

Another audiodeluxe one. Air Music Xpand!2 rompler for just $1.

Sometimes Ive had trouble with Air installers not playing nice with ilok, where they wont recognise the updated ilok software as legitimate, so demo first. But a bit of a no-brainer if you want some new sounds to play with and don`t mind installing ilok (no dongle required)



Review of presets

(Ledger) #130

Izotope Ozone Elements $29 until 14th August:

(JustinTheEmcee2380) #131

Orange Tree Samples entire product line on sale!!! Currently 40 percent off and 51 buys away from 50 percent!!!

Highest tier is 60 percent which they hit last year. Not sure it’ll get there this time around, but if it does I’m buying damn near everything they make.

(Ledger) #132

izotope Neutron Elements is now going for $29, ending today though…

(Ledger) #133

dontcrack are giving away Air Xpand2, rompler for free with a code at checkout:

ilok dongle or software copy protection.

(Ledger) #134

Really nice little Plate freebie from Soundtoys. Requires ilok license manager but I think this one can be regged on the machine as well as dongle.

Websites slow at mo, but I did manage to get it after a while. Free offer ends 22nd Nov.

(Ledger) #135

The annual Black Friday KvR thread:

George from discoDSP is not well this year so kvr forum member jsp1979 has stepped in:

(Ledger) #136

Air Black Friday:

£1 for Hybrid synth:

Free for Xpand!2 again:

(Ledger) #137

Kilohearts snapins going for $9 each. Nice little transient shaper in there:

(Ledger) #138

Free phaser and discount voucher from Native Instruments:

(Ledger) #139

Plugin Boutique running one of their regular heavy discounts to £1 on some plugs:

I quite like some of these simple style plugs with easy gainstaging management. Had a couple of credits in my account so picked up the saturator and the transient plug.

Though it doesn`t state, the filters seem to be 12dB


(Ledger) #140

Kvr thread detailing, getting IK Multimedias Black 76 plugin withComputer Music magazine`, (can be bought online via zinio)

note: you will need to end up installing other plug demos on your machine in the usual T-Racks / IK way.