The Hooligan: 1986

Badly needs Human Leaguish vocalist but for now we have to manage without.

The Hooligan: 1986

Really a nice travel back in time!

It’s really got much spirit of the 80s… is it a remake of an old mod of yours or is it a recent compo?

1986 is spot on: makes me feel 18 again ;)

it looks like “Neverending Story” song :D

Completely new. I just started it yesterday with the bassline and thought it would make a fine 80s tune so I slowed down the BPM and continued from there. Tried to keep it simple and didn’t use any “new technology” sounding stuff or effects, even spend half an hour to find my drums-samples for correct sounding old drums which I (of course) reverbed.

I hummed some vocals on the mainmelody but sadly I have no singing voice at all. Plus the vocals must also sound 80s, thinking of Erasure or Hman League etc. here. Fun project.