The Hooligan: Chronologie Iv

A remake of Jarre’s track using the YouTube video found here. I lack the Chronologie-album from my collection so I don’t know if this is an original Jarre track or a remix. On the other hand it doesn’t really matter as I recreated all but the mainmelody, the song was way too complicated to copy :D


Reminds me a bit of that track called “Popcorn”.

I’m not familiar with the original but if the melody is much more complex than what you laid down it must be pretty wild.

Overall, the track has a big, punchy sound. And the feel definitely hints a bit to classic tracker music (chiptunes, chip music, etc.) which I like. Good job!

By the way, took me a whole day to figure out from where I have heard the melody from 2:14. Yesterday it stroke to me: Queen’s “Scandal”. I stole without even knowing it :P

I like it :)
Makes me think of old times.